CRM, LMS, ERP Software Development Services

By providing CRM, LMS, ERP development services, K.I.S.S.Software aim to boost your business productivity and help it gain better profits. We build custom ERP systems for all businesses and design the most effective CRM solutions for enterprises of different sizes. Learn more about our services right now!

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K.I.S.S. Software aims to be useful for clients from all over the world, regardless of the size of their organizations or businesses. Specialists of our company are experienced not only in CRM, LMS, and ERP development. Foremost, K.I.S.S.Software is your technological partner that aims to make your framework more efficient. For this purpose, we also provide forensics solutions, white-hacking, and penetration testing services.

CRM/ERP Development Services

If you want your business to stay ahead of your competitors, you should be constantly looking for ways to improve operations. The development of ERP software and CRM solutions are the basic steps business owners should take to become more competitive and attractive to clients. The K.I.S.S.Software team offers its expertise in ERP, LMS, and CRM development. Several basic services you see below will help to boost your earnings at a reasonable price!

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    Custom CRM and ERP Development

    Customer Relationship Management software solutions help businesses to provide a better customer experience. This also helps to make some operations within the company more effective. CRM solutions help to automatize processes and avoid repetitive tasks. Enterprise Resource Planning solutions will also help manage business daily activities more efficiently. K.I.S.S.Software provides custom ERP, CRM, And Other SaaS Development Services to satisfy your specific business needs.

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    CRM and ERP Implementation

    K.I.S.S.Software applies top-notch approaches in the process of CRM and ERP implementation. This service helps your business to reduce additional expenditures related to lead generation, conversion, and retention. This CRM and ERP implementation will increase the level of customer trust in your business.

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    CRM and ERP Integration

    The goal of your business heavily depends on the area of your specialization. That’s why the task of an advanced CRM & ERP Development Company is not only to develop effective applications but also to integrate them correctly to make sure all solutions support each other and work within a single system that aims to satisfy your business needs. K.I.S.S.Software guarantees successful optimization and integration of our advanced solutions!

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    CRM and Data Migration

    CRM migration services are necessary for efficient operation because they ensure a fast and reliable flow of business data into new CRM systems. Our specialists in data migration guarantee that this process will not cause data loss or violation.

How CRM, ERP Software Automate Your Business? Key Functions of CRM Software

Customer Relationship Management solutions are necessary if your business wants to maintain and manage the data of clients securely and effectively. It improves the interaction between you and your customers, which gives a lot of advantages to your enterprise. Additionally, it automates the way you interact with your clients. Complete automation is achieved through the key functions of CRM software solutions.

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    Lead management

    Lead management is necessary to attract clients and encourage them to choose the services or products of your company. Lead management is vital in all industries, especially in those where your revenue depends on your sales. Attracting customers is a complicated task in the highly competitive business environment but CRM systems can help to reach your goals in lead management.

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    Contact Management

    To manage contacts, special CRM solutions record their detail and track their interactions with your company. Tools responsible for contact management are considered basic in advanced CRM systems. They help to increase sales by giving exposure to a wider range of data.

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    Email Management

    It’s not as easy to manage emails. However, your business cannot operate efficiently without this process. You cannot ignore them, and you cannot take too much time reading and responding to all emails in your box, as well. This is where CRM solutions become extremely useful. Don’t be overwhelmed by emails – leave it to CRM solutions developed by K.I.S.S.Software specialists!

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    Reporting is one more key function of CRM solutions. The task of the reporting tools is to gather the data from the most important sales metric and turn these pieces of information into actionable resources. With the help of CRM reporting tools, you will be able to detect problems, which make sales metrics down, and design efficient strategies to solve these problems.

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    Your potential clients won’t buy your products or services if they won’t know about them. CRM development services will help to promote your business more efficiently. Reach your audience and interact with it productively.

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    Customer Relationship Management solutions give you the possibility to analyze the data received through the interaction of your business with its clients. Analyze these data and take well-thought-out steps to improve your business strategy and enhance general earnings.

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    Workflow Automation

    The main function of CRM solutions is to automate the workflow within your enterprise. This will help to save time and use it to satisfy additional business goals. Plus, this will cut down some expenditures related to routine operations.

What business problems does ERP solve? Key Functions of ERP Software

Hire ERP developers of K.I.S.S.Software to manage operations within your enterprise more productively. ERP software solutions help to make the management processes automated. They might be used for satisfying different needs. Here are the key functions ERP software solutions execute.

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    Human Resource Management

    Human resource management practices are the operations related to recruiting and other processes that include analysis of employee performance, staff training, development, etc. ERP systems can help to make these processes automated and data-driven.

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    Supply Chain Management

    K.I.S.S.Software aid businesses from different industries and logistics is not an exception. By providing our ERP software development services, we help logistic businesses to schedule their orders and track them on supply chains in real-time. This helps them to increase the speed of deliveries and provide better customer experiences.

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    K.I.S.S.Software specialists build custom ERP systems for all businesses that need efficient solutions to track data related to business management. Use our top-notch ERP solutions to always have the possibility to monitor important pieces of information.

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    Sales and Marketing

    Similar to CRM solutions, ERM tools help to track sales and the impact of your marketing practices on your earnings.

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    Data Analysis

    Everything we’ve mentioned above relates to data that helps to enhance business productivity. When knowing these data, you can apply our ERP solutions to analyze them. Analyze the efficiency of your employee training process or see how your new marketing strategy impacts your sales – this is all possible with K.I.S.S. CRM & ERP development company!

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    Financial Management

    How do you know that your marketing campaign was effective? Use our ERP financial management solutions to track and calculate your revenue brought by the latest marketing activities. You can also use them to handle customer payment schedules, credit management, and other operations that involve your finances.

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    No more spreadsheets and paper files! With new ERP solutions developed by the K.I.S.S. specialists, your manager will be able to schedule reports and provide them in real time without neglecting accuracy.

Learning Management System

We’ve already discovered a lot about the work of CRM and ERP systems. But K.I.S.S.Software also provides LMS development services. LMS are solutions that help to administrate, track, report, and deliver educational materials or entire development programs. They will help to improve the qualifications of your staff and train candidates. Or, you might need our LMS development if your business provides educational services.

Learning management systems are based on analytical data and reporting. They might be used in different ways but mostly LMS are applied to deliver educational materials online. LMS are highly demanded in today’s industries. If you run your own businesses and want to have an effective instrument to improve your staff qualifications, why not order LMS development from K.I.S.S?

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Learning Experience Platform

With the K.I.S.S.Software CRM & ERP Development Company, your business can benefit from using learning experience platforms (LXP). These are innovative solutions that are used to train employees and provide them with personalized educational experiences.

Are LXP solutions much different from LMS tools? Actually, LXPs are more focused on the needs of every employee. Every participant will have the possibility to choose the most effective training materials available on the platform, while in LMS, everything is managed by administrators.

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Difference Between CRM and ERP

To operate productively, your business needs the implementation of both CRM and ERP systems. From the descriptions above, we see that they have a lot of similar functions. However, they are not the same. What is the difference between CRM and ERP?

CRM is mainly used for interaction of the enterprise with its customers. Therefore, it’s mainly applied by specialists from your customer service department. ERP solutions, on the other hand, deal with financial data. Thus, these tools are necessary for the efficient operation of the financial department.

The concept of an ERP system is wider than the CRM solution. ERP systems might include several CRM components, while CRM cannot consist of ERP solutions. CRM systems don’t handle financial data, they can only track information related to the interaction between you and customers.

Benefits of development of ERP solutions & CRM implementation in your business

Why should you order ICO development services from the KISS Software team? Here are the reasons:

  • Boost Sales

  • Accurate Planning

  • Streamline Sales & Marketing

  • Improve Data Accuracy

  • Automate Customer Service

Stages of Development CRM, LMS, ERP

The major goal of our CRM & ERP Development Company is to satisfy the needs of our clients. That’s why we implement only the best techniques and the most efficient approaches. We want to make sure that our CRM, LMS, and ERP products will meet your requirements and help enhance earnings. To ensure this, we support you at every stage of the development process. In total, we will come through 10 stages:

  • Interview, the collection of requirements.

  • The study of the peculiarities of business.

  • Development of a business model for further automation.

  • Preparation of the Technical Assignment.

  • Creation and approval of the prototype.

  • Design drawing and its approval.

  • Coding.

  • Testing.

  • Implementation.

  • Maintenance.

Benefits of Custom CRM, LMS, ERP Development with .K.I.S.S.

  • Reduce your business expenditures. When making investments in CRM, LMS, and ERP solutions with K.I.S.S., you increase returns and sales and reduce expenses.

  • Benefit from our transparent and reasonable pricing policy.

  • Provide your clients and employee with customized experiences.

  • Monitor and track your business and customer-related data more efficiently.

  • Apply our CRM and ERP solutions to enhance the productivity of marketing campaigns.

  • Address K.I.S.S.Software specialists to develop custom CRM, LMS, and ERP solutions in the shortest possible terms.

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