Websites and Web Portals Development Services

These days, to be successful, a business must be represented in the online space. What is the way to reach this place and take some benefits from it? Of course, the easiest way is to start interacting with your potential clients through a web-hosted solution.

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K.I.S.S. is an advanced team of developers, managers, and analysts. We focus not only on web development. We work with DeFi solutions and blockchain, and help businesses to scale thanks to advanced software solutions, and do much more things that will help your business thrive.

Website Design and Development Services

K.I.S.S. is a team of skilled professionals who develop websites for many years. With us, you will reach the Internet faster than you could expect!

K.I.S.S.Software knows how to start the process of dynamic website development. Visitors to your website will never face glitches or any other bugs anymore. K.I.S.S. ensures that every section and page of the portal will deliver the best experience to users.

We are fully aware of the fact that you have your own plan of how a website should look like. We also understand that this might be important for your business strategy. That’s why here, in K.I.S.S., we provide fully-custom website development services that correspond to 100% of the requirements of clients and don’t imitate the solutions of competitors.

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    Web Portals Development

    The creation of a web portal is something more than custom website development. A web portal is a digital space where you can represent and provide multiple services. Web portals created by K.I.S.S. ensure the best interaction between your business and its clients/partners.

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    K.I.S.S. is a website building agency that knows how to represent brands in the online world. Website development is one of the key factors of brand building because this is where you can make potential customers familiar with your company. We ensure that our website development services are also dynamic, meaning new content can be added within the shortest deadlines.

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    E-Commerce Development

    K.I.S.S. is the best eCommerce website development company. We are totally committed to your needs. We can either build a website from scratch or transform an existing solution so that it could satisfy the eCommerce business model.

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    Web Application Development

    Web applications are becoming more and more popular because these are smart solutions that might work on any operating system without any difficulties. We develop web applications that help both promote your products/services and manage the workflow inside the company.

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    Website Design

    A website must be visually attractive! In the K.I.S.S. team, we have the best UI designers and UX specialists who make a full-stack website not only visually appealing but user-friendly and easy to navigate as well.

Web Development Solutions We Provide

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    Augmented Reality

    Want to make the experience of your website visitor more interactive? You are lucky to explore our professional website development company! In K.I.S.S., we create advanced Augmented Reality solutions that make clients more interested and more engaged in what you offer to them.

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    Want to ensure great website scalability, cost efficiency, faster server response, great security, and many more features? Contact us to build a cloud-based website!

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    Virtual Reality

    Virtual Reality might now be useful not only for gaming providers. VR solutions are the ones that help to increase the engagement of users. Why not use this concept to increase the popularity of your web-hosted educational portal? You are welcome!

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    Internet of Things

    A full-stack website isn’t just the way to promote your services and improve your business online presence. A website might be an efficient tool to increase your business productivity, especially if it works in conjunction with Internet of Things solutions.

Our Web Development Process

Eager to explore more about the services of our professional website development company? If yes, bear in mind that K.I.S.S. provides full-stack website development services. This means that we work on your project at every stage of the pre- and development process. Simply speaking, together with our website and app development company you will come through the following stages:

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    When receiving an order for website development, our experts pay a close look at it. They make research on the industry in which the product will be applied, its target audiences, the peculiarities of your company, and so on. It helps our specialists to get deeper into the context and better understand the further requirements provided by our lovely clients.

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    We cannot start planning the project without talking to a client. This stage is necessary to ensure a complete understanding between the website development team and the clients. You will have a conversation with our project manager, during which you will have the possibility to provide all your requirements. Our specialists will specify the peculiarities of your projects and will ask you to provide the desired deadline. When all aspects and requirements are estimated, our specialists define a personalized plan for custom web development. When everything is approved, we get to the following stage of the development process.

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    Probably, you are going to use a website or a web portal to sell or promote your products and services. This is impossible to do without making sure that the design of the solution is attractive not only to potential visitors but to search engines as well. K.I.S.S. specialists ensure this by building an easy-to-navigate website and regularly updating it. With us, you will ensure that your potential clients won’t have difficulties or inconveniences when approaching your website.

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    Website development is a far more complex process than simple interface designing and coding. Professional development requires different specialists. The staff that will deal with website development also depends on your specific requirements. We assign people that specialize in specific development approaches to ensure all expectations will be met and all requirements will be satisfied at the development stage.

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    Quality Testing

    Before launching a website and making it available for users, we need to conduct quality assurance. This helps to understand whether a website corresponds to the pre-defined requirements. Our quality testing process is super transparent. This means that we involve not only specialists. Our clients have the opportunity to see how the solution works on their own. This is the best way to ensure independent estimation. We are totally committed to your feedback because a web solution might be considered high quality only if it meets your unique requirements.

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    At the quality testing stage, both specialists and clients see the negative characteristics of the final product. Thus, we have to fix them. K.I.S.S. specialists deal with both front- and back-end issues during the deployment process to make sure that we will launch the best web portal that will be able to satisfy the needs of all its users.

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    After deployment, our work doesn’t come to an end. K.I.S.S. is your loyal partner that wants to ensure that the users are satisfied. Consequently, sometimes it’s necessary to add improvements after the final release of the website. Besides, you might need a reliable partner to update the web page and fix bugs. You won’t find a better partner than our professional website development company!

We build Websites, Web Portals, and Web Applications For Multiple Industries

There’s no industry where businesses couldn’t benefit from an online presence. We work with such companies as well. But in most cases, we cooperate with businesses from industries where online presence is literally a necessity.

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    K.I.S.S. experts specialize in ecommerce website design and development. We ensure that your online store will have easy navigation, display all products in a convenient way, provide fast payment, and more.

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    We create websites and web applications for new startups that need to overcome the first challenges they face in the digital world. Together with web development solutions from K.I.S.S., startups quickly find their investors!

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    Establish great B2B relationships with vendors of goods by providing them with access to the convenient infrastructure of your web-based marketplace. Attract buyers with the attractive and user-friendly design and boost sales conducted within the ecosystem of your marketplace.

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    E-learning / LMS

    Do you want to make people more educated by providing specialized services in a convenient online form? That’s a great purpose for commitment! We suggest that you need to order our web development services to ensure that your clients will have easy access to a full range of your educational materials!

Benefits of developing Websites and apps with .K.I.S.S.

  • K.I.S.S. hires the best UX designers that work with the most advanced tools to guarantee that visitors to your website will have the possibility to enjoy the most prominent user experience.

  • K.I.S.S. team includes experienced UI experts who guarantee that all functions will be available through a convenient web interface design.

  • K.I.S.S. employs the most skillful front-end and back-end developers that specialize in cutting-edge programming languages and frameworks.

  • K.I.S.S. partners with both small and big businesses;

  • K.I.S.S. has been in the development business for more than 16 years – we know what you need and how to achieve this!

  • K.I.S.S. guarantees proper quality assurance tests and professional maintenance of a website, portal, application, or marketplace.

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