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Service app for a car dealer

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Automate, increase efficiency

A client contacted .K.I.S.S. Software with a task to finalize some functions of the site to fully automate all processes.

The main goals that were set for the team:

- Create a calculator for calculating maintenance services

- Online registration is in the queue for maintenance

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A calculator and an admin panel for its administration were developed on a subdomain. Thus, everything becomes convenient and clear. And it is convenient for work when consumables need to be updated in price or availability

Integrating the calculator into the site, we also implemented an automatic change in the price of materials by placing the database in Google Docs. Updates occurred every 15 minutes, which minimized price mismatches.

Another aspect of the development was the creation of a calendar for making appointments for maintenance, which we solved by integrating with Google Calendar.


After the revision, the site's performance was significantly optimized, the load of secondary tasks on managers decreased, and the number of customers increased. 

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