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Web Development Services

For us, the process of web development is exciting because every project is a chance to create something interesting and new using the most advanced web development tools. Thanks to our many years of experience in web application development, we have contributed to the development and establishment of various companies. Each web developer in our team understands that clients depend on the quality of their work to a large extent, so they make every effort to achieve the best result.

How we work

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We take a systematic approach to simplifying and optimizing your business processes when developing websites. We start with a thorough study of your unique requirements and goals. After that, our development team designs and builds custom web solutions that automate manual tasks, increase efficiency and productivity, or create a completely new product.

Web Development
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    Qualified team

    The .K.I.S.S. Software team has extensive experience working with high-load systems and large amounts of data in various industries. We will consult you on your request, define the problem, create a customized solution to meet your specific needs and add value to your project.

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    Our project manager, assigned to your team, regularly informs you about the current status of the work and ensures smooth cooperation. We are reliable partners and offer comprehensive support and maintenance of the created products.

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    Focus on the details

    We believe that even the smallest details should be taken into account to achieve maximum quality and provide our customers with the best possible result.

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    Everyone in our team wants to be the best at what they do, so every project is an opportunity to prove it. Dedication is not an empty word for us!

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    We support your product on all stages of its life-cycle thinking about how to solve your problem differently, faster, and better.

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    We have more than 10 years of dedicated experience in creating enterprise level solutions, know all the pitfalls of building projects from scratch and value every penny invested in the project.

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    To deliver outstanding solutions we work with toolset of world-wide proven technologies:
    JavaScript/TypeScript (Next.js, React.js, Vue.js), Node.js(Express.js, Nuxt.js), Python (Django/Flask), AWS, Terraform, SQL(PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, MariaDB) & NoSQL(Mongo, Elastic, Redis) DBMS's.

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    To meet your specific needs we are flexible to scale up and enhance your development team even in ongoing project.


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Our answers for your questions here If you have another question, contact us

Yes, our team offers comprehensive services for modernizing outdated web applications services for modernizing outdated web applications. In particular, we help organizations in reengineering, re platforming, re-architecting refactor, and migrate legacy web software.

We are experts in creating custom web applications tailored to the needs of each client. Over the years, we have developed developed many different web systems, such as such as:

  • web applications for supply chain management;
  • analytical analytical tools; web portals;
  • web applications for healthcare, finance, knowledge and productivity;
  • ERP, CRM, BPDM systems;
  • etc.

We usually start by creating a technical specification that describes the application's functions. Then we move on to writing a product map, and then we make a layout framework. Next, we create a high-fidelity mockup, and after that, finally, we can move on to creating a prototype and conducting user testing.


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