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Adpay - virtual cards service

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IOS, Android, website
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3 months
9 months + support
A platform for automatic payment processing with partners

A product that provides instant creation of numerous virtual cards with minimal effort. It is a reliable solution for processing payments on platforms such as Facebook, Google, TikTok Ads, and others.

Minimizing risks and the need for manual payments.

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What was done?
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For the convenient and efficient operation of the product, our team created simple and useful functionality:

Registration: Users can easily fill out the form to start using the platform.

Dashboard: Customers get instant access to important analytics through our control panel. We provide top-level metrics for convenient tracking.

Cards: In this section, you can control your cards, view balances, and issue new cards as needed.

Transactions: Here, users can easily filter and view their transactions by different categories and parameters, as well as export reports for accounting and analysis.

Payments: Provides a detailed history of top-ups, commissions, and withdrawals with the ability to filter and create reports.

Team: For teamwork, we created a "Team" section that allows for effective monitoring of work and team management.

Support: Easy access to our support service through a Telegram bot for quick query processing.

Settings: In the "Settings" section, users can manage their accounts and session settings, ensuring the security of their data.


The result of our work is an innovative product that provides reliable virtual cards for affiliate marketing. We created AdPay with a focus on simplicity, convenience, and security, allowing our users to efficiently manage their finances and teams. We are confident that this has made work easier and more productive, as our platform has over two thousand satisfied users in just six months.

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