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Security Services

Our experts can help you detect and prevent internal breaches by providing a wide range of security testing and audit services. We will provide you with information about aggregate configuration violations and vulnerabilities that can lead to vulnerabilities that could lead to an attack and cause serious business damage. Our certified experts have the hands-on experience to help you identify and remediate weaknesses

How we work

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Our cybersecurity experts take a comprehensive and proactive approach to protect your business from ever-changing threats. With a team of experienced professionals, we thoroughly assess your current security infrastructure, identify vulnerabilities, and develop customized solutions to mitigate risks.

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    Reduced compliance burden

    Get an unbiased expert assessment of your business processes, products, and systems for compliance with industry standards and security regulations. We'll help you identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement, and then implement security controls to ensure your business is risk-resilient.

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    Increase resilience to attacks

    We can help you identify and fix security issues before your product is even launched. By implementing security controls early in the process, you'll ensure security by default. Your products will be optimized in terms of quality and safety, which will help you avoid penalties and potential risks to your company's reputation.

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    Ensuring the effectiveness of security controls

    .K.I.S.S. Software's security services will help you verify the effectiveness of your security controls so that you can maintain operations and implement your strategic business development planning. We will evaluate the success of controls in complex environments, complex IT infrastructures, and mission-critical applications with high visibility.

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    Improving the corporate security system

    We will provide you with a structured process for assessing the risks associated with your business. We will identify the areas of use of information assets, assess the risks associated with them, and take the necessary measures to minimize them.

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    Penetration Testing

    We identify cybersecurity vulnerabilities by conducting external and internal penetration tests, IT and IS assessment,based on PCI DSS standards.

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    Digital Forensics

    Our proficient team will carefully bring you through all steps of Digital Forensics. Starting from identification, preservation to extraction, analysis, and documentation of digital evidence, which can be used by the court of law.

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    Cybersecurity strategies

    Our experienced consultants will help you develop and implement a cybersecurity strategy, including executive advisory support, vendor assessment, and policy and technical implementation.

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    Consulting Services

    We offer cybersecurity consulting services for your business to deal with modern challenges, from rules and regulations to highly sophisticated data security threats.

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    White mobile hacking

    We check the security of your mobile device and its data.

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    Issuance of PCI DSS certificates


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Our answers for your questions here If you have another question, contact us

Yes, our cybersecurity services are designed to meet industry-specific regulations and compliance requirements. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and develop security solutions that meet the specific regulatory framework of their industry.

We provide a full range of cybersecurity services, including penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, threat detection, incident response, and secure infrastructure design.

Our company is specifically designed to address the unique challenges faced by organizations operating in highly regulated industries. We apply encryption, access control, and data loss prevention measures to ensure data confidentiality. In addition, we help companies comply with industry regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI DSS through regular assessments and policy reviews.


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