White-hacking services

White-hacking services are in high demand today. The reason is that white or ethical hacking might be quite important in the cybersecurity architecture of any organization. Mainly, this approach is applied when companies want to find vulnerabilities in their security systems.

The KISS Software company provides certified white hat hacker services for personal and corporate security. We help both individuals and businesses because we understand that this is a good way to detect weak places and take measures that will prevent harmful hacking. If you are interested in such services, feel free to contact us and learn more directly during the consultations.

Associated services

KISS Software isn’t just a local white hat hacker company. It aims to be useful for clients from all over the world, no matter what the sizes of their organizations or businesses are. Specialists of our company are experienced not only in white-hacking services. Foremost, KISS Software is your partner that aims to make your cybersecurity framework safer and more reliable. For this purpose, we also provide forensics solutions and PCI DSS certification services, and white-hacking services.

What is Ethical (White Hat) Hacking

White hat hacking services are also known as ethical hacking services. They are called this way because they don’t cause damage to the end-users. KISS Software offers professional services that are executed by people with many years of experience. They will use their programming and hacking skills to detect the vulnerabilities of certain networks or the entire cybersecurity system. Ethical hacking is completely safe because we don’t use the detected vulnerabilities against our clients. We respect your privacy, confidentiality of data, laws, and the core principles of transparent services. In your case, white hacking is a kind of check-over of the system, after which you can apply the necessary tools to make it better and safer.

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Types of ethical hacking

There are different categories of white hacking. Below, you can see the list of services we provide to our clients:

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    Pen testing.

    Penetration testing is when we detect weak spots in your cybersecurity system and get access to it. KISS Software specializes in different types of penetration testing. Learn more about our services.

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    Email phishing.

    Black hackers use email phishing to spread different materials, such as links, which will be harmful to end users and might cause a leak of data. We use email phishing to make your security system resistant to this type of fraud. With us, you might be sure that all sensitive information will be secure.

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    Denial-of-service (DoS) attack.

    Your rivals or black hackers use DoS attacks to disable your website, network, or the entire system. The disruption in the performance of the network might bring a lot of damage to your business. White-hacking services will help your security system to devise an efficient plan to respond to DoS attacks.

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    Security scanning.

    Cybersecurity systems can detect threats automatically. Our white hackers will check how well your security system can cope with this task. If the security scanning shows that you need to implement improvements, be sure that our specialists will always find something for your framework.

White hackers system solutions

White hackers from the KISS Software team have advanced skills in using various white hackers system solutions. The choice of solution depends on the needs of our clients. We have different options – some suit external scanning, while others are more appropriate for internal penetration testing. Be sure that with KISS Software you will always find solutions to the most sophisticated cyber security issues.

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