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K.I.S.S.Software is where you can find professional Anti DDoS attack services to protect your business needs.

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K.I.S.S. Software aims to be useful for clients from all over the world, regardless of the size of their organizations or businesses. Specialists of our company are experienced not only in protection against distributed denial of service attacks. Foremost, K.I.S.S.Software is your partner that aims to make your cybersecurity framework safer and more reliable. For this purpose, we also provide forensics solutions, white-hacking, and penetration testing services.

How DDoS Protection works and why a business needs it. Secure your business with Anti-DDoS service

K.I.S.S.Software employs people that specialize in different types of DDoS attack protection. Protection against DDoS attacks is necessary for your business because it ensures that your products and services will perform efficiently.
With the help of our specialists, who provide protection for small and large volumetric DDoS attacks, you will be able to increase the traffic and reduce bandwidth costs. If you want your business to be successful, it must be able to cope with different volumes of workload in the online space. Ensure this together with our DDoS-guard security service provider!

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Kiss Software company provides Defense Against Any DDoS Attack. Protect your network from small and large volumetric DDoS attacks

K.K.I.S.S.Software is an experienced provider of DDoS protection solutions that can guard your business against the most complicated and advanced types of attacks of different layers. The implementation of our anti-DDoS solutions guarantees that your web services will work productively regardless of the effort of attackers.
Anti-DDoS attack solutions not just improve the web-user experience but also protect the assets of your business and improve the reliability of your cybersecurity framework. We provide protection on different layers and on different premises, including cloud ones.

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    Website Protection

    Websites are the most common victims of DDoS attacks. If your business provides services or products through a website, you must make sure that this platform will work properly. This is what we do when providing protection against DDoS attacks. We mitigate their impact on APIs and web applications, too.

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    Network Protection

    Distributed Denial-of-Service attacks might also target the infrastructure of the entire network. You won’t have to deal with their consequences if you implement solutions from K.I.S.S.Software that prevent attacks on the network layer.

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    Individual IP Protection

    Not all businesses have advanced cybersecurity architectures and the capabilities to host their websites or web-based applications on protected networks. If you have websites or services that are hosted on individual IPs or public/private clouds, you can freely address our advanced anti-DDoS attack protection services.

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    DNS Protection

    You can address specialists of the K.I.S.S. DDoS Protection Service company to protect any type of storage that might be violated by DDoS attackers. Our services are also relevant for Domain Name Servers (DNS) protection. Plus, our solutions can make the work of your servers faster, which will improve the traffic and quality of services provided to online users.

DDoS Attack Mitigation

The major purpose of Distributed Denial-of-Service attack is to slow down the work of your servers or make the website or servers unavailable to online users. Some DDoS attacks might be able to damage your cybersecurity framework and violate some vulnerable data and assets. That’s why you should implement DDoS attack mitigation. The principle of DDoS attack mitigation services is quite simple. Special tools and solutions monitor the traffic of your website, network, or server and prevent the harmful impacts of DDoS attacks. This is achieved by redirecting the traffic through our scrubbing centers.

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    Application Level Attacks

    As we’ve already mentioned above, the K.I.S.S.Software company is a team of experienced professionals who mitigate the risks potentially caused by DDoS attacks on all possible levels. Basically, we are requested to deal with application-layer attacks. They target computers or applications. If an attack is successful, a hacker can bypass access control and gain control over your business’s network, application, or system. Our solutions can prevent this. Contact us to figure out which type of distributed denial of service attack protection is necessary for your application or system. K.I.S.S.Software deals with the following application-level attacks:

    • Zero Day (0day) DDoS
    • Ping Flood
    • IP Null Attack
    • CharGEN Flood
    • SNMP Flood
    • NTP Flood
    • SSDP Flood
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    Other Amplified DDoS Attacks

    The amplified DDoS attacks are the ones that target Domain Name Servers. The major purpose of amplified DDoS attacks is to bring down your servers and take advantage of the data stored on those servers. Luckily for your business, with the K.I.S.S.Software company, you can prevent such issues or at least mitigate the impact of damage caused by such attacks. Here are the types of amplified DDoS attacks that might be prevented by solutions of K.I.S.S.Software:

    • Fragmented HTTP Flood
    • HTTP Flood
    • Single Session HTTP Flood
    • Single Request HTTP Flood

    • Recursive HTTP GET Flood
    • Random Recursive GET Flood
    • Multi-Vector Attacks
    • SYN Flood

    • SYN-ACK Flood
    • ACK & PUSH ACK Flood
    • UDP Fragmentation Flood
    • DNS Flood

    • VoIP Flood
    • Media Data Flood
    • Direct UDP FloodI
    • CMP Flood

    • ICMP Fragmentation Flood
    • ACK Fragmentation Flood
    • RST/FIN Flood
    • Synonymous IP Attack

    • ICMP Fragmentation Flood
    • ACK Fragmentation Flood
    • RST/FIN Flood
    • Synonymous IP Attack

    • Spoofed Session Flood
    • Multiple SYN-ACK Spoofed Session Flood
    • Multiple ACK Spoofed Session Flood
    • Session Attack

    • Misused Application Attack
    • UDP Flood

Platforms We Specialize

K.I.S.S.Software has a big experience in preventing DDoS attacks on different platforms. To be specific, we specialize on public clouds, datacenters, insights & SIEMs. Attacks on public clouds are the most common. So take advantage of our expertise in DDoS protection cloudfare. Among the most popular public clouds, there are such platforms as Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Microsoft Azure.

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Benefits of development of ERP solutions & CRM implementation in your business

DDoS attack mitigation isn’t the easiest process. That’s why you should make sure that your provider of services will be able to meet the most sophisticated requirements of your business. K.I.S.S.Software, for example, can offer you the following benefits from our cooperation in the field of DDoS protection:

  • Prompt notifications about Distributed Denial-of-Service attacks. K.I.S.S.Software works fast and notifies clients about attacks through different means, including email and mobile applications.

  • Efficient monitoring. K.I.S.S.Software applied solutions that help to monitor traffic more efficiently. We also use solutions that allow us to analyze this traffic to your application or website and take the necessary safety measures.

  • Detection of the most dangerous threats. K.I.S.S.Software specialists deal with the most sophisticated DDoS attacks on different layers. We mitigate the attacks on both application and amplified layers.

  • K.I.S.S.Software provides quick deployment and scaling of anti-DDoS attacks solutions, which help to make the protection process almost automated.

  • Management of capacity in real-time.

  • K.I.S.S.Software has a transparent and reasonable pricing structure, which makes our services affordable for businesses from all around the globe.

  • You can address more of our services to improve the cybersecurity architecture of your business.

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