Back-End and Front-End Development Services and Solutions

K.I.S.S. Software is a highly professional development and engineering company that provides advanced back-end and front-end development services. Our specialists have dealt with back-end and front-end development cases in different industries. We deliver solutions of the highest quality that will help satisfy your business needs and make your enterprise more customer-oriented. Discover our services right now and you’ll see how beneficial quality back-end development services might be!

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The biggest advantage of our company is that we specialize in all development services. You can order the development of blockchain projects, test your cybersecurity systems, or build advanced web solutions.

Back-End Development Services We Provide

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    Mobile App Back-End Development

    We hire experienced and highly qualified back-end developers who have a proven track record in the development of back-end for mobile applications. We know how to build solutions that will work on multiple devices and platforms. We have great experience in creating native and cross-platform back-ends for applications that will keep up with the most advanced industry tendencies.

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    Web Back-End Development

    Back-end coding for websites is what you need to enhance the performance of your web-based solution. K.I.S.S. specialists deal with all types of web-solution, no matter whether these are large systems or one-page websites. Our back-end website development ensures that your platform will perform productively and will be able to scale.

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    Cloud Back-End and Migration Solutions

    The efficient work of cloud infrastructure is very important for businesses across all industries. With K.I.S.S.Software, you will have a chance to enjoy highly proficient back-end development services for cloud-based solutions. This will ensure that the cloud infrastructure of your business will be able to handle huge data volumes, adapt new functional features, and eliminate latency issues.

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    Custom Back-End Development

    Sometimes the available services of back-end development companies might not satisfy your specific business ideas. Do you want to forget about this issue once and forever? If yes, you should contact our managers and discuss your requirements for the custom back-end development project. We ensure adherence to all the requirements and the best performance of the final version of your project.

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    API Development and Integration

    In order to make your software stronger and enable an exchange of information between it and other services, you need to use the back-end API development services. This will help to integrate the core business software solutions with other robust services without additional difficulties.

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    Technical Back-End Audit

    K.I.S.S.Software is a team of professionals who deal not only with the development of back-end solutions from scratch. If you have existing systems that should be improved or complemented with new functional features, we can conduct a full technical back-end audit, identify key issues, and improve the codebase and the general infrastructure based on the result of our research.

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    IoT Back-Ends

    The dynamic nature is one of the key features of the Internet-of-Things systems. Thus, to manage these systems efficiently, you have to ensure that your back-end infrastructure will be capable of maintaining the mechanisms that process the data within the IoT system.

    In K.I.S.S. Software, we build the back end of IoT systems. Our robust solutions ensure high speed of data processing and exchange between different devices connected to the system. Our IoT back-ends ensure the highest quality of the data maintenance and exchange processes.

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    Back-End for Blockchain

    Blockchain networks must keep up with the latest technology trends to remain relevant to their core audiences. Automation is one of the biggest trends in the blockchain industry. Our specialists can help your network to follow this trend by adding robust features to the back end of your blockchain ecosystem.

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    Back-End for PaaS/SaaS

    If your business aims to deal with the volume of data of its growing customer base, it needs to incorporate scalable backend solutions for SaaS or PaaS systems. This will also help to accelerate and maintain the growth of a scalable digital product.

Front-End Development Services We Provide

K.I.S.S. Software is a full-stack development company. This means that we have deep expertise not only in back-end development. Our team consists of specialists that have great experience in working with front-end solutions. We create custom, scalable, and safe projects. We ensure the development of the most user-friendly solutions that will make your clients engaged and satisfied. We implement the most robust technologies to ensure that our solutions will work across different platforms and devices.

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    Front-end Architecture & Design

    Our specialists use the most cutting-edge front-end development tools to boost the efficiency of the front-end architecture code.

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    SPA Application & Development

    Our front-end development services ensure enhanced scalability of single-page applications that are based on different frameworks.

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    UI/UX App Development

    Rich and high-quality user-interface design is one of the reasons why customers don’t abandon using your digital solution right after the first launch. Our front-end development services cover robust UI/UX app development.

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    PWA App Development

    Approach the widest audience by building the most robust front-end solutions for progressive web applications that are launched through both a mobile app and a website.

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    AMP App Development

    AMP app development services are optimized for mobile web browsing and intended to help web pages load faster.

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    HTML5/ CSS Development

    We hire specialists that have rich experiences in using HTML5/CSS development tools to build highly efficient digital solutions based on these technologies.

Frontend Development Technologies We Use

  1. Angular
  2. Vue JS
  3. React JS
  4. Knockout JS
  5. Node.js
  6. Javascript
  7. PSD To Bootstrap
  8. CMS Theming

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Benefits of full stack development services with .K.I.S.S.

  • Full-stack Development process. Our backend and frontend development company deals with full-stack software development services. Besides, we have specialists that deal not only with the development and design procedures. We hire experienced business analysts that help to conduct the research and determine your business goals.

  • Robust tools. Our specialists use the latest technologies to provide backend and frontend development services of the highest quality. Our robust instruments ensure that all the technical requirements of your project will be fully satisfied.

  • Highest security. Backend and front-end development isn’t only about robust technologies and advanced tools. Foremost, the cooperation between different components of your digital system must be highly protected.

  • Scalability. K.I.S.S.Software works on solutions that will seamlessly scale to keep up with the growth of your business and the integration of new functions.

Our Backend Development Process

K.I.S.S. Software aims to ensure that solutions of the highest quality will be delivered to our customers. This is the reason why we divide the entire process into several stages, each of which cannot be considered complete if we don’t achieve the pre-determined results. When ordering our back-end development services, you will come through the following stages:


Foremost, our specialists need to understand your business goals and/or examine the existing digital architecture of your business systems. At this stage, you will be asked to provide all the technical requirements to our project manager and the chosen back-end developer.

When the back-end developer discovers your project requirements, he will estimate the scope of work and will inform you of the possible deadlines.

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When all the requirements and terms are agreed upon, the individual specialist or a team of developers (depending on the scope of work and the complexity of the project) start working on the initial design of the prototype. At the end of this stage, you will have the possibility to assess the quality of the prototype design, specify the issues you would like to eliminate or come up with some extra features.


When the draft version of the assignment is accepted, the specialist starts the back-end development process. K.I.S.S. aims to be fully transparent. That’s why you can freely monitor the progress of your project at the development stage. Also, you are free to suggest any adjustments. Our specialists will estimate them and do their best to fulfill your requirements.


When the work on the back-end solution is over, we conduct the final quality testing to detect any bugs and get rid of them. When there’s nothing more to improve, we don’t stop working with your back-end solution. Our full-stack back-end development services also include complete maintenance. This means that we will support the project even after its final release and implementation into the digital infrastructure of your business.

Back-End Development Technologies We Use

The Back-end development is a very responsible project because these solutions are responsible for the maintenance and processing of data. That’s why our specialists work with the most robust technologies. To increase the assortment of available services, we hire specialists that are keen on different technologies, including:

  • MS SQL
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • MongoDB
  • Apache CouchDB
  • Redis
  • PostgreSQL
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  • WCF
  • Web API
  • ASP.NET Web Services
  • REST
  • SOAP
  • GraphQL
  • gRPC
Languages & Frameworks
  • .NET Core
  • Kotlin
  • Entity Framework
  • NHibernate
  • Python
  • Node.js
  • C++
  • PHP
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Google Cloud
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