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One thing all business owners should realize is that they always face threats in the digital space. To identify and avoid those threats, companies should conduct regular tests and implement tools that will make their network more protected. Our social engineering services company deals with such cases. The main goal of K.I.S.S.Software is to improve your cybersecurity network without violating any ethical norms. By conducting social engineering tests, we want to increase your awareness of potential problems and vulnerabilities.

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K.I.S.S.Software has many years of experience. We deal not only with cybersecurity issues. In addition to our penetration testing and digital forensic services, your company can benefit from working with our experienced developers, engineers, business analysts, and other specialists in the digital world.

What Are Social Engineering Attacks?

A social engineering attack is one of the most frequently used tools of cybercriminals. Hackers organize such attacks to make the cybersecurity systems of your company more vulnerable and take advantage of those vulnerabilities. By doing this, they can obtain access to important systems of your company and exploit the data stored there for their own purposes. The results of social engineering attacks can be very bad for the company’s performance.

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What Are Social Engineering Attacks?

The damage caused by vulnerabilities in the cybersecurity system can be prevented with the help of social engineering penetration testing services. K.I.S.S.Software guarantees that all the operations will be carried out by professionals who have many years of experience in such tests. The risks of such services are minimum but the benefit is huge since controlled social engineering attacks help prevent real ones that can lead to both financial and reputational losses. Therefore, if you use social engineering services, you will make your cybersecurity system prepared for real, unauthorized threats.

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Our Social Engineering and Phishing Services

The goal of the K.I.S.S. company is to become a real cybersecurity partner for your business. That’s why we would like to present you with the complete selection of social engineering and phishing services, including the following:

  • Phishing-as-a-service

    Cyber scams use social media or other online channels to send harmful messages that seem normal. In fact, they contain dangerous links that obtain access to personal or corporate information if a system doesn’t detect them as harmful. Hackers who use phishing try to send these messages through sources that seem verified and secure for users who will be supposed to proceed by the link. Our testing services will help to figure out whether your cybersecurity system can detect such messages.

  • Targeted Phishing

    Ordinary phishing attacks can be very obvious because they might be sent to multiple users. Targeted phishing attacks look for specific victims. When conducting such attacks, scammers know exactly which data they want to obtain and from whom.

  • Email Phishing

    Email phishing is especially dangerous. This is because when obtaining access to the official email of a senior executive, scammers can easily trick other employees or partners. They can do this for the purpose of receiving payment to an alternate bank account. Such a type of phishing scam is called a Business Email Compromise. Our experienced testers can examine whether the email of your organization is vulnerable to such threats.

  • Telephone Vishing

    Asking for information in person is definitely much more efficient than sending a request by email or any other electronic messenger. That’s why telephone vishing is so dangerous for businesses. If someone makes a phone call from an official number, he quickly gains trust, which is why it becomes easier to receive confidential information. Advanced social engineering tests will help to prevent telephone vishing.

  • Smishing

    Users believe that their devices are completely secure and consider that they cannot receive harmful SMS. Cybercriminals take advantage of the trustworthiness of SMS and send their harmful lings directly to users’ devices. If these devices contain corporate information, scammers can obtain very crucial data about your company.

  • Spear-phishing

    A spear-phishing attack is one of the types of targeted phishing. As a rule, these are attacks targeted at managers of special departments that deal with very important information. When conducting spear phishing attacks, cybercriminals can combine different approaches to ensure efficiency.

  • Baiting

    Baiting is a very dangerous social engineering attack because it plays with the user’s emotions. In addition to a harmful link, such attacks contain a very lucrative offer of a specific reward – gift, software upgrade, or anything else that can draw the attention of the receiver. Learn how to prevent and fight them together with our social engineering services provider!

  • Social engineering penetration testing

    Access to your cybersecurity system can be obtained through different means. Hackers use so-called penetration techniques. We employ white hackers that conduct ethical penetration tests in order to find out vulnerabilities and eliminate them, in order to make a network protected against real hackers and their penetration attacks.

  • Application Security

    Social engineering attacks can involve the violation of cybersecurity systems of specific applications. Our specialists conduct safe penetration tests in order to figure out which points scammers can use to access sensitive data stored in your mobile or web application.

  • Holistic Cybersecurity Assessment

    Our social engineering services company doesn’t have any specific specialization – we deal with all types of social engineering in security. So we can also conduct a holistic cybersecurity assessment in order to help you understand whether the cybersecurity system of your company is resistant not only to phishing but also to other threats in the digital space.

  • Connected Devices Security

    If the performance of your business depends on the IoT system, you must make sure that all the connected devices store and exchange data properly. Our penetration testing and social engineering services help to find weak spots through which sensitive data can leak. We fix these issues with the minimum risks for your business.

  • Forensics and Reverse Engineering

    K.I.S.S. employs experts that conduct advanced digital forensics. In the course of these investigations, they are able to detect malicious software used in a social engineering attack. When this software is detected, our specialists disassemble the code and analyze it to understand the vulnerabilities used by cybercriminals.

Benefits of Social Engineering and Phishing Testing Services with .K.I.S.S.

Proper preparation is the best way to prevent cyberattacks against your business networks. K.I.S.S. is the best partner for this! Working with our social engineering service provider comes with the following benefits:

  • Critical Protection

    If your business goes online, it cannot operate efficiently without a highly-protected cybersecurity network. It ensures proper flow and exchange of data between you and the customer, you and partners, and between different departments within the company. Our services ensure high-level protection for your business!

  • High-Quality Solutions

    Black hackers try to keep up with the technology trends in order to be able to take advantage of poorly protected systems any time they want. You should bear this fact in mind and try to prevent this by implementing cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions that are too robust and reliable to get hacked. K.I.S.S.Software provides such solutions!

  • Expert Testers

    Of course, solutions and technologies are important. But these are just tools that won’t bring any positive effect on their own. You need to find qualified specialists that will know how to make the most of the use of high-quality solutions. This is exactly what K.I.S.S. offers to you! Our company hires experienced penetration and social engineering testing specialists who know how to detect and prevent all the risks associated with the performance of your business’s cybersecurity system.

  • Experienced Team

    The K.I.S.S. company has been providing innovative cybersecurity solutions since 2006. We care about our reputation and image among our clients. Although our team is young, every specialist is experienced in what they are doing. Each of the 35 specialists has all the necessary qualifications to work here. We believe that the team of experienced but young specialists is one of the keys to success in this business!

  • Cost-effective Tests

    It’s not difficult to find companies that provide social engineering and penetration testing services. What is really complicated is finding providers that can combine the highest quality of services with the lowest prices. If you are on this page, you can stop your search! K.I.S.S. is the most efficient and budget-friendly social engineering provider in the market. Get in touch with our managers and explore more about our customer-oriented pricing policy.

  • Detailed Reporting

    K.I.S.S aims to be a fully transparent company. That’s why our specialists always report on the results of their work. If you wish, you can follow the progress of our services and assess them at any stage. Detailed reporting provides you with the possibility to study everything carefully and make adjustments if necessary. What’s more, you use our digital forensic reports as official documentation during legal cases.

  • Expert Testers

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