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Mobile devices are convenient means to access the Internet. That’s the reason why mobile traffic to the majority of websites is increasing these days. If you want your business to remain successful in the long run, you have no choice but to keep track of such tendencies. It’s much easier to do this with professional web development and responsive web design.

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What is responsive web design?

Responsive website development and design refer to the building of digital products that are user-friendly regardless of the devices from which they are accessed. Responsive websites should work properly on gadgets with different operating systems and display requirements and sizes.

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Difference Between Mobile-Friendly vs Responsive Websites

After taking a first step into the world of responsive website development services, you might think that this is the same as mobile website development services. However, responsive design and mobile-friendly design aren’t the same terms. In the case of the mobile-friendly website, you will have to manage two versions of one project – desktop and mobile.

A responsive web design, on the other hand, refers to the design of the website that will be responsive to all types of devices. This makes the website more universal and adaptable. Besides, your team will need to deal with only one resource.

At K.I.S.S.Software, we provide top-notch responsive website designing services that will help you to create a unified user experience regardless of the devices, from which your potential clients will access the website. Let’s get closer familiar with what we can provide you in K.I.S.S.

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How Does Responsive Website Design Help your Business?

Any business that aims to be successful in the 21st century should go digital. This isn’t as simple a task as it might seem at the first sight. Depending on the specialization of the business and its target audience, it needs to come up with different digital products. A website is a basic one. A responsive website is the best thing we can suggest to businesses. Here are the reasons why your business will become better after responsive web design development.

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    Super flexible

    The flexibility of the website is a key to success in the world of digital technologies. Responsive website development services help to ensure that your website won’t scratch if it’s entered from an unusual device. Responsive website developers create flexible layouts that get rearranged automatically, depending on the peculiarities and requirements of the devices.

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    Consolidating analytics and reporting

    To achieve your goals, you need to process a lot of business data in the digital space as well. If you have a responsive website, data analysis, tracking, and reporting will be more efficient and productive from the analytical point of view.

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    No multiple URLs

    A website responsive to all devices can be accessed by following the same URL. This makes things much more convenient for your clients, as they don’t need to save multiple links if they enter your website from different gadgets from time to time.

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    User experience

    Prominent user experience is the thing that keeps clients attracted to the website after the first entrance. If you benefit from responsive website design services, you won’t need to worry about the convenience of your users. Plus, it will help to preserve the consistency of your brand, no matter which devices will be used to enter it – a laptop, PC, smartphone, or tablet.

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    Cost effective

    If you think that such top-notch and universal services might be harmful to your budget, think twice. Responsive website development services help you to cut down expenses you would normally spend on the development of independent websites that would be dedicated to laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Responsive website development is an all-in-one package for your business.

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    Improved SEO

    SEO is one of the keys to increasing the presence of your business in the digital world. If your business uses a responsive website to be present online, your chances to succeed in efficient SEO are much higher. Your marketing efficiency will depend on the ranking of only one website, and that’s the key point here.

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    More mobile traffic

    More than 50% of online traffic to websites comes from mobile devices. The development of a responsive website is the way to take advantage of this tendency. If your website will be responsive to mobile devices, it’s more likely to get higher traffic.

Professional Responsive Website development services

K.I.S.S.Software is a team of professionals that doesn’t focus on one type of development services. We hire specialists that deal with different technologies that help to achieve the most sophisticated results in really short terms.

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    Responsive website development

    We deal with responsive web design and development at all stages. With us, you can build a website completely from scratch, and preserve all peculiarities of your business thanks to great UI/UX designs.

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    Responsive web app design

    Web applications are increasing in popularity because they have fewer requirements for users’ devices. K.I.S.S. specialists can create a responsive web app that will efficiently run on both desktop and mobile devices.

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    Responsive website and web portal design

    K.I.S.S. specialists have deep expertise in the development of responsive web portals with multiple pages and numerous functions to satisfy the needs of users.

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    Responsive web design template

    In K.I.S.S. we can create a completely unique web design template for a future project. But if you want to cut down expenses, you are free to use our existing templates for web products.

Our Responsive Web Design Process

As a provider of premium responsive web design services, the K.I.S.S. company aims to ensure that the development process meets the highest standards of quality. That’s the reason why we try to do our best at any stage of the responsive web design process. On the whole path, your web project will come through the following stages.

  • Web Project Requirements

    If you are interested in our responsive website design development services, you can contact us right now. During the meeting, we will discuss the peculiarities of the project and will ask you to provide us with your vision and requirements.

  • Design Samples

    After receiving a brief from you, project managers will involve our best designers to come up with the design template that will help your business meet its goals. They will create the first several samples in order to make sure you will have a good selection of choices and will be able to pick up the best one.

  • Content Building

    A website cannot run successfully without proper content delivered. We take part in content-building and marketing processes as well. This helps us to make sure that your website will be taken to a much higher level.

  • Testing and Development

    Once you are satisfied with the design samples and content pieces, we start the actual development process. At this stage, we test how the created technologies work and how the sample version of the website performs.

  • Getting a Test URL

    We customize a test URL in order to make sure that your responsive website will be recognizable from a single link.

  • First Stage Revision

    We revise everything that was created at the previous stages to ensure that the design of the website corresponds to your requirements and complements the identity of your brand.

  • Second Stage Revision

    Our specialists take a final revision to see whether the website performs properly. To ensure that it’s 100% responsive, we test how it runs on different devices with different display requirements and screen sizes.

  • Website Goes Live

    The final stage of the responsive website design service process is to launch the last version of the website!

Benefits of Responsive Web Design Services with .K.I.S.S.

K.I.S.S. has an experienced team of developers and web designers who deal with numerous desktop and mobile technologies.

  • K.I.S.S. guarantees that the responsive website development process will be executed within the stated deadlines without unnecessary hassle.

  • K.I.S.S. is a full-cycle responsive web design agency that deals with all the tasks – from website development and UI design creation to SEO marketing and content building.

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