Flutter Cross-Platform Apps Development Services

As an experienced vendor of development services, K.I.S.S. provides iOS and Android app development using Flutter. With this technology, your users will be able to enjoy native solutions that won’t make your business suffer significant financial losses and will help it to scale faster.

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K.I.S.S. is something bigger than just a Flutter app development company. When using our services, your business cooperates with a cutting-edge partner that can facilitate your company's growth with other development services as well. Our specialists have many years of experience in developing mobile applications based on React Native. They are also keen on using other methodologies that help create native solutions for both iOS and Android devices. Or your business might need efficient IoT solutions. These are just several services from our wide assortment!

Why should you choose Flutter for your app development project?

Does your business really need Flutter app development services? We believe that yes because to remain competitive, your company has to follow the market trends. digitalization is one of the most demanded tendencies in all industries. But why should you choose apps developed with Flutter but not with any other technology? Here are the reasons.

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    Cost-effective development

    When you decide to develop in Flutter, you cut down the expenses. This is because we provide Flutter app development services for different operating systems on the same codebase. To approach a wider audience, you will need an app developed both for iOS and Android. Flutter allows doing this on a single codebase.

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    Faster Go-to-Market

    An app developed with Flutter can be launched to the market in a shorter period of time. As a provider of services, we guarantee that this technology allows our specialists to develop and test code for your solutions much faster.

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    Outstanding Performance

    Do you want the users of your mobile application to enjoy the great performance? If yes, Flutter is your option! This development approach allows us to build an app with minimum memory consumption. Plus, it improves rendering performance.

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    Expressive user interface

    Our Flutter application development services include the creation of a fully customizable user interface. Such a feature will make the use of the app more seamless and will also greatly improve the user experience of your clients.

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    Single codebase for iOS and Android

    Flutter app development is so simple because specialists don’t need to spend time creating different codebases for iOS and Android devices. Using already-made widgets, they can create a single codebase for both operating systems.

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    Easy integration with third-party plugins

    One more advantage of Flutter is that it supports numerous features that help to improve the efficiency of apps developed using this technology. This also includes the ease of integration with third-party plugins, which becomes necessary when your business grows and starts approaching new digital venues.

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    Hot Reload

    Flutter has the Hot Reload feature. This is the function that allows developers to change the code without reloading an entire app. This is very convenient for specialists because once the code is saved they can experiment with the features of an app, change UI, fix bugs, and do other things without reloading.

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    Support for Older versions

    Flutter is a very flexible approach. Our specialists can use its state-of-the-art tools to update the older versions of your mobile application.

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    Web Support

    The toolkit of Flutter is very efficient when creating web solutions. Order web development with Flutter with us and your users will be able to enjoy solutions compatible with their devices no matter what the version of the solution is.

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    Desktop Apps Support

    Web solutions are great but Flutter also supports desktop app development. All you need to do to start consulting regarding your project is to get in touch with our manager by filling in the form below this article!

Our Flutter App Development Services

K.I.S.S is a Flutter app development company with many years of experience in the market. We aim to satisfy the needs of our clients to the maximum extent. That’s why we provide full-stack Flutter app development services and support the project at every stage of the process.

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    Flutter Development Consulting

    Foremost, we need to figure out what you expect from your project. During the consulting procedure, our manager will interview you on the matters of the industry where the app will be applied, its functions, the operating systems and platforms on which it should run, and other important aspects.

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    Custom Flutter App Development

    K.I.S.S. specialists build custom Flutter applications from scratch. This is possible thanks to the high customizability of the Flutter toolkit. With it, we will create a completely unique project that will enhance your brand identity and boost the growth of your business.

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    Flutter App Support and Maintenance

    In order to be efficient, an application should be properly supported and regularly updated. K.I.S.S. doesn’t leave your project after the final release to the market. We will keep maintaining it and will do our best to make sure that the application runs without bugs.

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    API Development & Integration Services

    In K.I.S.S., we do more than just develop apps using Flutter. We can also create the Application programming interface and seamlessly integrate it into your app. Our API backend solution will clearly display the user data and enable its seamless flow.

Hire Flutter software Developers For Industries

Modern businesses cannot remain competitive if they don’t follow the trend of digitalization. Flutter app development services greatly contribute to the growth of businesses in many industries. Here are just several examples of how apps developed using Flutter can be efficiently used in different sectors.

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    By using Flutter, we can develop both native and hybrid applications that will be highly customizable and user-friendly. This feature is very useful for FinTech companies and new financial institutions. Plus, apps developed with Flutter are very flexible, which makes them perfect for the integration of FinTech solutions.

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    Real Estate

    There are many examples of how real estate companies use apps developed with Flutter. They prefer this approach because it’s easy to update such solutions and add new features. For example, they can create different listings and quickly rebuild pages using reusable Flutter widgets.

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    If you provide online learning services, you have to make sure that the end users will be able to enjoy seamless navigation and useful features. This is what development with Flutter provides. Plus, you will have the possibility to quickly fix the bugs of your app and improve the learning process.

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    IoT solutions are now deeply integrated into many industries. You can make them more powerful by maintaining and monitoring the performance of IoT devices through the applications developed using Flutter.

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    Global digitalization of the healthcare industry is one of the ways to improve the tracking of data and reporting procedures. This can become much simpler with the help of Flutter app development. This approach allows implementing quick changes into the codebase of the app, which can greatly improve the recording and tracking capabilities in healthcare. Additionally, Flutter applications can facilitate communication between healthcare institutions and patients.

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    The logistics industry depends on the speed of execution of operations. Efficient supply chain management requires not only good communication between vendors but also tracking and recording of data. All this can become more intuitive with Flutter apps. Improve the efficiency of your logistics business by building a project based on Flutter widgets.

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    Travel agencies can use Flutter applications to provide their clients with more intuitive navigation and a better user experience. This is a great contribution to the increase of the quality of services and to the further growth of your travel business.

What is Flutter App Development?

Flutter is a special technology that was designed and launched by Google. Its history dates back to 2017. Basically, Flutter is a special kit of digital tools that help to develop budget-friendly native applications for both desktops and mobile versions using a single codebase.
The main objective of the Flutter cross-platform development process is to create efficient applications with the help of already-made widgets. The popularity of Flutter is growing gradually, so it might be the best time for you to use this technology to facilitate your business growth.

Benefits of Flutter Development Services with .K.I.S.S.

.K.I.S.S. is your flutter app development company

  • Experienced Flutter developers

  • Dedicated team

  • Carefully analyzed requirements

  • Continuous integration

  • Perfect architecture

  • Agile methodology

  • Quality control and transparency

  • Native development background

  • Ability to expand your team at any time

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