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Our network security penetration testing company provides top-notch vulnerability assessment and penetration testing services. Order them now to fix the cybersecurity issues of your organization.

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.K.I.S.S. Software is a company that provides testing services for small and medium-sized businesses. Except for pen tests, our clients can benefit from using our digital forensic solutions, PCI DSS certification services, and white-hacking services. All our services correspond to the highest quality standards, and the teams are always ready to meet your specific requirements.

What is Penetration Testing?

Pentesting services are special operations that are conducted in order to detect and resolve the issues within different cyber ecosystems. In a nutshell, pentests are vulnerability testing services, with which organizations can make different computer systems more resilient Vulnerability assessment penetration testing services help companies to fight security issues more efficiently. Risks are mitigated before organizations and their clients feel the impact of those issues.

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Common Threat Scenarios

Unfortunately, there are security issues that cannot be identified by automated penetration testing tools for web services. That’s why you need to involve professionals to assess the security of your systems and find their vulnerabilities. Our team of specialists has a long experience in providing penetration testing network security that helps businesses around the world to store data safely and mitigate the risks of being damaged by cyber criminals.

We are a respectable Penetration Testing Services Provider that helps businesses to become more successful and make their products and services more secure. Our major goal is to identify all weaknesses of security frameworks and utilize the most efficient methods to manage them safely and efficiently. We provide completely confidential penetration testing rest web services and guarantee that when working with us, you will avoid a lot of problems that might be potentially caused by hackers and cybercriminals. The .K.I.S.S. Software team helps businesses to cope with such cybersecurity issues are insecure configuration, flaws in encryption, programming vulnerabilities, session management flaws, and more.

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.K.I.S.S. Software is the Provider of the Support needed to address your vulnerabilities

.K.I.S.S. Software is one of the best penetration testing service providers. Our team of specialists is capable of solving the most sophisticated and complex tasks. Our major goal is to ensure that our vulnerability assessment and penetration testing company will address the necessary weaknesses of your security framework, which will help to mitigate cybersecurity risks and prevent potential damage caused by hackers and cybercriminals.

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How much does a Penetration Test Cost?

The question regarding the penetration testing services prices can be answered only during the direct discussion about certain orders. The thing is that the number of days impacts the penetration testing cost. We cannot tell the price unless we are aware of the complexity of a certain issue. Workers of the .K.I.S.S. Software team will give you a special questionnaire to evaluate the price of the entire order.

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Your Superpower In Cybersecurity is .K.I.S.S. Software

.K.I.S.S. Software isn’t just a penetration testing company that detects and finds vulnerabilities in different systems. We are dedicated to making your entire cybersecurity architecture better and more advanced. We achieve this by implementing the most innovative cybersecurity tools and methods. We work only with the most advanced technologies and with the most professional specialists.

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The Benefits of Penetration Testing

  • Vulnerability and penetration testing services help to resolve the weaknesses of the cybersecurity systems before cyber frauds can take advantage of them.

  • A security testing service is an efficient way to make sure that the organization has control over the security weaknesses.

  • Security testing as a service is a method to realize the real influence of cybersecurity issues on one’s business.

  • If your organization runs security pentesting regularly, you show your clients and partners that you care about their safety, which improves your image and reputation on the market.

  • A security pentest is a way to find out which investments should be made in the security architecture of one’s company.

Types of Advanced Penetration Tests We Provide

Our pentest company has a big experience in running different security and penetration tests. Throughout the years of operating on the market, we have greatly evolved and enriched the assortment of our services with various types of penetration tests.

  • Network Infrastructure Testing

    The network of your organization stores different types of data. With network security penetration testing, our pentesting company can uncover the weaknesses regarding those data. By providing these penetration testing services, we can categorize which issues are more urgent and solve them quickly and more efficiently.

  • Internal Penetration Testing

    This type of security penetration test is dedicated to examining potential cyberattacks that could be conducted by criminals or frauds against your organization. This will prevent the internal network from big damage.

  • External Penetration Testing

    An external pentest is a way to estimate the systems of the external network of the company. It’s easier to get exposure to external systems because this is the organization’s perimeter available from the internet.

  • Web Application Penetration Testing Services

    Cybercriminals often hack web applications because they might contain big quantities of data and provide very important services. Our company provides a web application penetration testing service that will help to detect all the issues of your application and manage the flow of data to mitigate the risks that might be caused by exposure to vulnerabilities.

  • Mobile Application Penetration Testing Services

    More businesses provide their services through mobile solutions, which are convenient for clients. However, companies have to pay high prices for this convenience. To ensure that the data from your mobile applications won’t leak, use our mobile application penetration testing services.

  • IoT and Internet-Aware Device Testing

    Our IT penetration testing company also examines the security of IoT gadgets. The major goal of this type of pentest service is to enable and ensure quicker communication between IoT devices and faster transfer of information between them. IoT framework should be tested regularly if you want to achieve the goals.

  • Insider Threat Penetration Testing

    Penetration testing tools for companies are one of the most efficient instruments for assessing insider threats. Insider threats are hidden very well and they can lead to very serious security issues as they are caused by those who gain or steal authorized access to the data storage of the organization.

  • Wireless Penetration Testing

    If you want to make sure that hackers won’t access valuable data through wireless networks, you should order wireless penetration testing services. A wireless penetration testing service is a way to detect weaknesses and potential damage from attacks caused through wireless systems.

  • API Security

    The application programming interface framework must be well protected, as the data within the software might be used by cybercriminals against your organization or clients. With the help of our penetration testing services company, you can run both manual and automated cybersecurity penetration tests that will help to assess the architecture of your API and estimate its reliability.

  • Red Team Attack Simulation

    A Red Team Attack Simulation is a pentest exam dedicated to assessing the defensive capabilities of your network. With our network penetration testing services, you can simulate different scenarios to assess the efficiency of tools that detect and respond to various threats your company might face in cyberspace.

  • Social Engineering Penetration Testing Services

    The cybersecurity frameworks of different organizations are managed by people, which makes them quite vulnerable to different types of attacks. With our cybersecurity and penetration testing, you can assess the ability of the organization’s workers to identify and react to different types of threats that are conducted in the exercise mode.

The Benefits of Penetration Testing

Alongside cybersecurity technologies, threats to cybersecurity are becoming more and more sophisticated. That’s why experts recommend companies run penetration testing for company once a year. In certain cases, it’s even suggested to do this more often. Your business might need the services of our penetration testing service provider when:

  • Your organization needs to implement innovations into the security infrastructure;

  • Your organization is going to introduce new products or services;

  • Your organization is undergoing a business merger or acquisition;

  • Your organization needs to meet more sophisticated security requirements;

  • Your organization is bidding for large commercial contracts.

Steps of a Security Pentesting

Any security penetration test is conducted following a well-defined methodology. This methodology includes 5 stages:

  • reconnaissance - this is a stage, during which specialists collect all the data about the systems;

  • scanning;

  • vulnerability assessment - specialists evaluate the weaknesses that were detected during scanning;

  • exploitation - the process of taking advantage of detected vulnerabilities in the system;

  • reporting - an organization receives a report about the results of penetration testing.

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