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KISS Software provides blockchain smart contract development services and implements the most efficient and innovative approaches. You can order the safest smart contract development solutions at the most reasonable price on the market right now!

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KISS Software also provides other Smart Contracrs services but this isn’t the only area of our specialization. We also build various solutions to improve the cybersecurity framework of your business and conduct various testing experiments to detect its vulnerabilities. Contact us for more!

Why does your business need smart contracts development services?

Smart contracts are advanced solutions that improve the efficiency of performance in many industries. Your business is not an exception – use their power to take it to a higher level. Here you have the possibility to get familiar with the most common business benefits of smart contract development:

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    Smart contracts allow making certain functions automated. For you, we will develop smart contracts that will be executed automatically when the specified conditions are satisfied. This increases the speed of transaction execution and reduces the risk to face an issue caused by manually made mistakes.

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    Trust and transparency

    As a certified smart contract developer, we guarantee you that the implementation of our solutions will exclude any kind of manipulation. All operations that might be executed within the ecosystem will be safely encrypted and recorded. Thus, the data will not leak into the wrong hands.

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    Financial savings

    Smart contract services are cost-effective for businesses because they help to decrease expenses that would be normally directed to certain intermediaries to pay fees. Complete automation of the transaction process excludes such manipulations.

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    KISS Software employs real pros in the area of cybersecurity who knows which vulnerabilities to address to prevent hacking attacks. Frauds won’t gain access to your blockchain because everything will be encrypted and executed automatically by smart contracts, where any modifications are impossible.

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    Automation of the process helps to overcome many issues, including poor accuracy of execution. Smart contracts don’t allow data leakage and they are capable of making transactions 100% accurate.

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    Speed of execution is one more advantage driven by the automation of the process. When manual means are excluded from the process, operations take less time and become more efficient for a business.

Smart contracts for businesses and industries

Many global industries can face impressive changes due to the implementation of smart contracts. The above-mentioned benefits of these solutions make them attractive not only for private businesses but for governments as well. Here are several facts about how a smart contract as a service can bring changes in different sectors.

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    Very often, patients o healthcare institutions have to wait for a long time for the results of their analyses because of bureaucracy or poor storage of data. Smart contracts can help to forget about this problem once and forever!

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    When everything is written in smart contracts, logistic businesses don’t need to deal with so much bureaucracy. Plus, they can ensure their customers and partners that their private data will not leak. This will make work on supply chains more efficient and productive.

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    Real estate

    The most common way to use smart contracts in real estate is to make rental payments automated. This will help to reduce so many of useless and cost-consuming paperwork.

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    Smart contracts can calculate the pricing of insurance services faster and more accurately. This reduces administrative expenses. The only thing that should be done to trigger a smart contract is the satisfaction of certain criteria.

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    A smart contract is the future of the banking system. The implementation of these solutions into banking and financial systems is the best way to automatize borrowing and landing procedures and reduce the costs related to transaction fees.

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    With smart contracts, businesses can enable an anonymous voting system. Only those candidates who will meet the predetermined requirements will be allowed for the next stage of the employment procedure.

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    Bureaucracy is an issue that slows down the work of governmental organizations and makes the decision-making process less effective. If governments rely on smart contract development, they will be able to conduct the most transparent elections, where every voice is encrypted and recorded on a blockchain!

Our Smart Contract Development Services

As a smart contract service provider, we provide a full stack of development services, including the following ones:

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    Digital Smart Contract Architecture

    Our smart contract developers implement the most innovative approaches to design the smart contract architecture that will not lag and won’t be defective. Our architecture for your smart contract solutions will do what you expect it to do!

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    Smart Contract Design and Development

    We create self-executing contracts for different businesses and institutions. We are ready to meet your specific requirements to ensure that the work within your blockchain ecosystem will be productive.

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    Smart Contracts Optimization

    Even though smart contracts reduce transaction costs and make them faster, they might be not ideal. We know which optimization tools should be applied to decrease gas costs and make the work of the available computation resources more efficient.

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    Smart Contract for Decentralized Applications

    Decentralized applications on the Ethereum blockchain are based on smart contracts. We provide such services to improve the work of dApps of our clients.

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    Smart contract for DEX

    We develop decentralized exchanges, where you can trade different digital assets through the system of smart contracts.

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    Smart Contract for Digital Wallets

    Digital wallets that are based on smart contracts have a unique set of functional features. They enable higher security, faster execution, and lower costs of transactions.

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    Ethereum & Hyperledger Smart Contract Development

    Ethereum is the most common blockchain for smart contracts because this is a public ecosystem. Hyperledger is limited access or allowed blockchain network. We create smart contracts on both these networks!

Our Smart Contract Development Services

  • Gathering & analyzing requirements

  • Designing smart contracts architecture

  • Deploying & upgrading

  • Developing & testing

Benefits of Smart Contract Development with KISS

Business benefits of smart contract development with the KISS Software company
are obvious:

  • KISS Software specialists use the most effective practices that help to eliminate loopholes in the smart contract logic, detect other vulnerabilities, and solve them to prevent any hacking attempts.

  • KISS Software guarantees to update the architecture of your smart contracts with the help of innovative proxy contract mechanisms.

  • KISS Software developers create smart contracts that might be easily integrated into the digital ecosystem of your business.

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