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The age of brand-new technologies has already come. Now it’s time for businesses to start adapting them and accelerating their own scale. Meeting your business goals becomes faster with your metaverse project. Our team has a great experience in metaverse consulting. So, we are ready to help you develop a robust infrastructure to help your business fulfill its ambitions faster.

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K.I.S.S.Software is something much bigger than just an average metaverse consulting company. Explore our blockchain, smart contract, digital marketplace, NFT, and crypto development services to make your future metaverse more technically sophisticated!

What Is the Metaverse? Meaning, Features, and Importance

Although the metaverse concept and its technology have been around for nearly two decades, they still seem pretty unclear to many. So, our metaverse consulting agency offers its services to help you clarify this and see its benefits for your business. You shouldn’t miss such a chance because your competitors are taking steps in this direction right now. Join this booming universe together with K.I.S.S.!

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    A Different Form of Reality

    The current technological advancements allow us to transfer everything into a brand-new world – a virtual universe. This is what we call metaverse today. Everything businesses might need to operate and deliver services is now handled in a digital reality!

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    New technique for interacting with users

    AR consulting services are vital for those who consider metaverse as a means of improving interaction with customers. The universe of the 3D digital world makes their experiences more immersive and useful, which positively affects your relationships with them.

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    Opportunities for virtual events for businesses

    The virtual world of the metaverse is where businesses can host different events in an entirely different reality. Thanks to the 3D avatar and spaced development services of K.I.S.S., metaverse events feel much like real, whilst being even more engaging and immersive at the same time.

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    Companies can advertise and sell their goods

    Metaverse technology enables global reach and makes interaction with potential clients as easy as never before. World business leaders already use the capabilities of the virtual universe to market their services and sell their goods.

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    Online meetings and distant teamwork

    Metaverse is a world not only for interaction with clients. This reality helps teams to become more productive. This issue became especially relevant during the coronavirus pandemic. The biggest companies would have been real fools if they hadn’t understood this lesson and switched much of their operation into the virtual world.

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    Control transactions across their virtual ecosystem by E-wallets and cryptocurrencies

    Metaverse is a world powered by a digital economy based on the technology of blockchain. Thanks to current advancements in the DeFi industry, your metaverse can operate its exclusive assets powering an entire ecosystem. Contact K.I.S.S.Software managers right now to order metaverse consulting services and explore more about digital financial ecosystems in the metaverse.

In what cases do you need metaverse consulting?

Metaverse consulting is not necessarily the beginning of the development process. During the metaverse consultancy process, specialists will analyze your needs and ideas and will suggest solutions that might help to meet your goals. If you want your business to scale and become more competitive in its niche, we suggest that you shouldn’t reject those solutions.

There is no basic characteristic for a business that might need metaverse consulting since this technology can be implemented in the majority of business industries. We’ll speak on the usefulness of metaverse for different industries a bit later, now, let’s explore the key capabilities and opportunities that emerge thanks to this technology.

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How will the metaverse remake your business strategy?

Some businesses reject the necessity to switch to the metaverse because they don’t believe a virtual world can substitute a real one. However, in some time, they will have to accept reality – the metaverse economy will outperform the global economy. Thus, skeptics will be left with no choice. You can act in advance and make a step into this world of digital realities right now.

Although metaverse technology has been around for not a very long time, it has already grown to massive sizes. Now, users can experience navigating across different digital worlds to satisfy different needs. Businesses also enjoy these advanced networks. You can step onto this path together with K.I.S.S. by taking advantage of our augmented & virtual reality consulting services for the metaverse.

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    Immersive Digital Interaction

    Metaverse can use the capabilities of different technologies and innovations, which makes it a very immersive new reality to participate in. Metaverse is a technology that allows people to experience another life – more engaging, interesting, and technologically advanced. This is where people can work, meet other people, buy real and virtual assets, earn money, play, and so on and so on.

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    Usefulness Through Blockchain and Virtual Economy

    Metaverses operate thanks to technologies running on blockchain networks. Implementation of cryptocurrencies and NFTs into a metaverse allows developers to create entire virtual economies and digital marketplaces, where virtual assets are as valuable as fiat ones in the real world. Using the metaverse, people even invest in digital properties and pieces of virtual land.

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    Amazing Business Applications

    The technology of the metaverse helps to make business applications more intuitive and user-friendly, making them helpful in both the virtual and real worlds. We provide consulting services on metaverse applications to help your business create a really unique space for interaction with users, distribution of services, product marketing, and more.

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    Social Media Upgrades

    Interaction within social networks is now as easy and engaging as ever before. We offer our metaverse consulting services for businesses that want to make brand-new social media where users can enjoy life-like experiences with the help of virtual avatars and spaces.

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    Education and Learning Applications

    Metaverse is transforming the sphere of education right now. Create more engaging and interactive education and learning applications to boost the knowledge of your customers or employees to a much higher level. Deliver useful information clearly and effectively using the capabilities of VR and AR technologies implemented into the metaverse.

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    Digital Only Products

    Marketing of digital products is now more efficient thanks to the implementation and growth of metaverse technology. Start appealing digital-product marketing campaigns and allow customers to enjoy their best experience of using your digital products in a virtual world. Contact K.I.S.S. for metaverse consulting services that will explain how this all comes true.

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    Metaverse Events

    As a premium metaverse consulting agency, K.I.S.S. hires the most experienced developers, designers, and marketers to work on your metaverse project. This helps us to ensure that the capabilities of a newly created virtual world will be available for different events as well. These events in a digital world will help to promote new technologies, products, and services, and outperform competitors in terms of productivity and operating efficiency.

Digital Assets

Any virtual world should have its own ecosystem of assets. We create these assets from scratch to ensure that users of your metaverse will have an enjoyable experience in an engaging virtual reality:

  • Digital Avatars

  • Files, Audio & Video

  • NFTs

  • Marketplaces

  • Wallets

  • Landscapes

Our Metaverse Consulting (Augmented & Virtual reality) Services

Over the years, our specialists have been working on multiple digital projects from different industries. In case you are wondering about our capabilities as a metaverse consulting company, meet the services we provide within this segment that is about to change everyone’s perception of reality.

  • Complete Metaverse Development Services

    K.I.S.S.Software provides complete metaverse development services starting from the project whitepaper and ending with its final launch. Our specialists build all the necessary tools and assets a basic metaverse should have.

  • Metaverse Brand Development and Brand Acceleration

    Many businesses use the metaverse as a platform to engage their clients and accelerate the growth of products. We provide such services for businesses from retail and e-commerce. Develop your own virtual brand and become a step closer to real success.

  • Metaverse Business Analysis and Market Research

    To know what clients really need, you need to learn what they use and what they really enjoy. To find this out, it’s necessary to analyze the market and research the competitors’ metaverse platforms. Our metaverse consulting services include an option that will provide you with the necessary knowledge of the trends in the metaverse of your specific niche.

  • Strategy Building

    Our metaverse consulting services include strategy building. We devise a coherent roadmap your metaverse project will need to follow to take advantage of all possible opportunities of virtual reality technologies.

  • Metaverse Revenue Model Consulting Services

    Metaverse consulting experts of K.I.S.S. can also create a metaverse revenue model. It will be based on your industry, offered services and products, the necessary digital assets implemented, and more.

  • Technology Stack Selection

    When providing our metaverse consulting strategy, our specialists will choose the technologies and tools that will help them to make your project come true.

  • Extended Reality (XR) Consulting Services

    Explore new ways to cooperate with your employees and customers, and provide users of the metaverse solution with a life-like experience by using extended reality solutions. Our specialists will help to choose the most efficient tools for your case and will consult you on the matter of VR and AR solutions integration.

  • Metaverse Gaming Consulting

    Gaming was one of the first industries to explore the capabilities of the metaverse. Use our metaverse consulting services to build the most entertaining and engaging games. Create a big network of titles and help gamers have a more immersive gaming experience.

  • Metaverse 3D Avatar Consulting

    During the consulting process, we also speak on 3D avatars for your metaverse platform. Our specialists know which tools should be used to make virtual avatars super-realistic and appropriate for different purposes.

  • Metaverse Infrastructure Enablement

    Our metaverse consulting services include planning of an IT infrastructure for businesses from different industries. Our experts assess the current capabilities of the IT infrastructure and help switch them into the world of metaverse technology, using robust tools and solutions.

  • Digital Twin Services

    As an experienced digital twin company, we specialize in empowering businesses to increase efficiency, consistency, and safety and enable data-driven decisions.

  • Metaverse Virtual 3D Space Development

    K.I.S.S. helps to design 3-dimensional virtual spaces that can be used for different purposes – from online gaming to virtual traveling, and many more entertaining and useful things.

  • Metaverse Integrations Services

    We provide consultancy for those who need to improve existing metaverse projects. Our specialists help to add new better functional features and integrate various solutions such as API necessary for the digital business ecosystem.

  • Metaverse Asset Building

    We build digital assets from scratch. With us, assets in your metaverse will be powered by the most reliable blockchain solutions. Metaverse users will have the possibility to use them for trades, exchanges, rewards, and more.

Our Metaverse Consulting Process

  • Metaverse Conceptualization

  • PoC & Prototyping

  • 3D Space Modeling

  • VR Design & Development

  • Metaverse Architecting

  • Launch & Support

We Provide Metaverse Consulting for Any Industry

  • Entertainment

  • E-Commerce

  • Fashion

  • Marketing

  • Game Development

  • Food & Beverage

  • Manufacturing

  • Education

  • Travel & Tourism

  • Healthcare

  • Sports

  • Social Media

  • Retail

  • Office

Benefits of Metaverse Technology Consulting with .K.I.S.S.

  • Our metaverse consulting services are provided by professionals with many years of experience.

  • We aim to find the best solutions to existing issues of your metaverse projects.

  • Experts of the K.I.S.S. metaverse consulting agency can integrate entire business ecosystems.

  • K.I.S.S. offer reasonable pricing for products and services of the highest quality.

  • If necessary, our metaverse consultancy may include assistance through the entire path of your project – from roadmap planning to marketing campaigns.


Our answers for your questions here If you have another question, contact us

Metaverse Consulting involves guiding businesses through the integration and utilization of virtual and augmented reality technologies. It benefits your business by opening new avenues for customer engagement, innovative marketing, and virtual product experiences.

Metaverse Consulting enhances customer interactions by leveraging immersive technologies. This includes virtual events, augmented reality applications, and interactive experiences, providing a more engaging and memorable digital presence.

Our Metaverse Consulting service stays current by actively monitoring industry trends, participating in virtual communities, and continuously refining our strategies. We ensure that our clients harness the latest advancements in the virtual and augmented reality space.

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