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KISS Software might serve as a coin making company and design a brand-new cryptocurrency for your business. Creating a new cryptocurrency and its successful integration is a process that requires patience and cooperation – this is what we are ready to provide to you!

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KISS Software also provides other Cryptocurrency development services but this isn’t the only area of our specialization. We also build various solutions to improve the cybersecurity framework of your business and conduct various testing experiments to detect its vulnerabilities. Contact us for more!

Crypto Development Рrocess

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    Planning & Execution

    The first stage of the coin creation process is one of the most important ones. The experts of our cryptocurrency development team will identify the goals of your project and conduct research on its blockchain algorithms, hash values, and other important features.

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    Whitepaper Creation

    A whitepaper is what makes your cryptocurrency interesting for investors. KISS specialists will create a document that will outline your reasons to create a cryptocurrency, its goals and ambitions, and the future plans for your project.

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    Technical Design Phase

    At this stage, specialists work on cryptocurrency creation, adjusting the technical features of a digital wallet, connecting nodes, and other technical characteristics of your project.

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    Development Phase

    At this phase, the cryptocurrency wallet development process takes place. Specialists also implement the algorithms and other features that were included in the technical package during the design phase.

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    Before introducing your newly created cryptocurrency, our development team has to test it. KISS specialists check how well the cross-chain transactions work, verify the security framework of the cryptocurrency wallet, etc.

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    Launch & Marketing

    We not only introduce your project to the market but we also use our tools to promote it among potential users!

Multi Cryptocurrency Development Services

Cryptocurrency development is a multi-directional procedure that requires KISS Software only as a cryptocurrency exchange development company. Our assortment of services includes the creation of several more digital solutions.

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    Cryptocurrency Tokens Services

    We help to create your own cryptocurrency that might be used as a voting or utility token within your blockchain ecosystem, or as a special payment method for the services and products of your business.

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    Cryptocurrency Mining

    Bitcoin, Ether, and Litecoin are the most popular cryptocurrencies. Guess what makes them similar? Exactly, these coins can be mined. Our company creates not only tokens that might be transferred between different blockchains, we develop crypto coins that are mined with the help of special equipment.

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    Cryptocurrency Consulting

    Our major goal is to satisfy the needs of our clients. That’s why we provide cryptocurrency consulting services, which are used to come up with customized ideas that will meet the specific requirements of our clients and will help them reach their goals.

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    ICO Development

    An Initial Coin Offering is a way for your business to raise funds that will be used for the development of a new coin, exchange, or decentralized application. KISS specialists will come up with efficient solutions to attract investors to your initial coin offering.

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    Exchange Software Development

    Our specialists have great experience in cryptocurrency exchange development. We can create a software solution with a high-level security framework that will enable fast, cheap, and easy transactions through the system of smart contracts.

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    Crypto Wallet Development Services

    Crypto wallets are special spaces where users of your cryptocurrency will store their digital assets. We develop safe storage solutions that simplify the use of tokens and crypto coins and secure clients’ funds.

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    Blockchain, Smart Contracts, and DAPP Development

    Our cryptocurrency wallet development services include the development of storage spaces on both third-party and native blockchains. Thus, if you want, we can create your own blockchain from scratch. Our experts also have great experience in building Decentralized Applications and Smart Contracts.

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    Ethereum Application Development

    KISS Software provides cryptocurrency with app development services. We can guarantee that with us, you will get a highly-customized application based on Ethereum. We do our best to satisfy the requirements of clients requesting Ethereum application development services.

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    Bitcoin Casino Software Development & Integration Services

    Today, cryptocurrencies are deeply integrated into many areas, and gambling is not an exception. We develop Bitcoin Casino Software solutions as a white label services provider.

Bitcoin Software Development

KISS Software employs cryptocurrency programmers who focus specifically on the development of Bitcoin software solutions.

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    Bitcoin & Blockchain Services

    Engineer Bitcoin clients, nodes, exchange platforms, wallet apps, and mining software for Bitcoin Core (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin Gold (BTG), and SegWit2x (B2X).

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    Bitcoin Payment Gateway

    We will build a payment gateway software solution that will be able to execute transactions in BTC to your website or app quickly and safely.

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    Bitcoin API Integration

    Implement Bitcoin APIs in PHP, Python, Java, Ruby, .NET, and Node.js, and enable Blockchain technology data querying with JSON, WebSockets, and other web services.

Cryptocurrency Platforms We Specialize

Our cryptocurrency programmers work with the most popular cryptocurrency platforms, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple, Zcash, Dogecoin, and several more. With us, you can make your cryptocurrency run on one of those platforms!

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Benefits of Cryptocurrency Development Services for Business

Today, modern businesses are looking for a cryptocurrency creation service because they realize how many advantages and potential revenue it might bring. The most common benefits of creating a cryptocurrency are:

  • The possibility to reach new audiences that prefer digital to fiat money.

  • Cryptocurrency is one of the most popular instruments for hedging against inflation.

  • You can reduce the transaction costs for your business and make them safer.

  • No barriers to trading and transactions.

  • Payments in digital money are safer and more accessible because they might be executed from any place in the world.

Benefits Of Creating A Cryptocurrency For Crypto Users & Non-Crypto Users

Crypto Users:

  • This is a way to launch a brand-new startup.

  • Your project might attract traders and get listed on the world’s most popular digital exchanges.

  • You can trade your cryptocurrency against fiat money.

  • This will be an asset that will apply all the necessary security features, so you won’t be concerned about its sustainability.

Non-Crypto Users:

  • It’s the best way to explore the peculiarities of the digital market and enter it with a new start-up.

  • A newly created coin can attract the attention of new customers to your business.

  • If you build your own cryptocurrency, you will be able to use it as an investment instrument.

  • Cryptocurrency development will make your brand more recognizable among a wider range of potential customers.

Create Your Own Cryptocurrency Like Bitcoin with KISS

KISS Software offers its cryptocurrency development services at relatively low costs. We ensure all our clients that all the best tools will be implemented to make your crypto project safe and sustainable. Rely on the best cryptocurrency developers with a proven track record!

Benefits of Cryptocurrency Development with KISS

  • We implement innovative approaches into the process of cryptocurrency development.

  • We charge a reasonable cost to create a cryptocurrency or any other product running on a blockchain.

  • We guarantee compliance with all security standards.

  • We provide constant support and high-quality consulting services.

  • We ensure to satisfy your needs in the shortest possible terms.

  • We are always ready to accept your request regarding your crypto project.

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