Digital Forensics & Computer Forensics Services

Our digital forensic solutions help both businesses and individuals. We will do our best to recover your lost funds, data, or other types of assets.

Associated services

Forensic computer services of KISS. Software are available both for small and medium-sized companies. The assortment of services includes something more than only digital forensics solutions. As an experienced cybersecurity partner, the company provides penetration testing services, PCI DSS certification services, and white-hacking services.

Who needs Digital Forensics?

If your business depends on a certain digital infrastructure, you run the risk to suffer from cyber criminals. Cyber attacks might cause a lot of damage to any organization, it doesn’t matter whether you manage a manufacturing company, healthcare organization, eCommerce business, etc.

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What service does the KISS Software company provide?

KISS Software is a multifunctional provider of cybersecurity services. Forensic computer services are just one of the areas of our specialization. We implement digital forensics best practices in order to achieve the desired results in the shortest terms and with minimum losses for clients. We provide digital forensics service as one of the options that can help your organization stand against cyber criminals.

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Digital Forensics Services

Operating modern businesses in the majority of industries is impossible without digital tools. Organizations use digital space to communicate, store data, and deliver their services to customers. However, the digital world might be vulnerable. Digital forensics solutions can help to investigate frauds that interfere with and damage the digital infrastructure of your organization. Digital forensics experts of KISS Software deal with several types of forensics services.

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    Computer Forensics

    Forensic computer services are necessary to investigate cyber crimes efficiently because computers might store very valuable data and contain some pieces of evidence that will help reach a positive outcome.

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    Efficient forensics as a service is impossible without identifying, collecting, and processing electronically stored information. This all is included in the EDiscovery process.

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    IT forensic services are based on pieces of evidence. We apply different clues to reach our goals, including audio and video records. We help to recover and use digital video or audio footage effectively.

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    Automotive Forensics

    Very important data must be often stored in automotive networks and modules. When it’s necessary to recover and analyze such data, you can rely on digital forensics experts of .K.I.S.S.Software.

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    Forensics Accounting

    Forensic accounting means the entire process of cybercrime investigation. Our company assists your organization at all stages - from data collecting to acting as an expert witness.

Digital Forensics Consulting

In the process of investigation, we involve professional digital forensics consultants. These are specialists whose major duty is to come up with the most effective investigation plan. During the consultation, you will have the possibility to get sure that this plan is budget-friendly for your organization.

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KISS Software is your Digital Forensics Consultant

KISS Software is something bigger than just a regular digital forensic corp that can only investigate cybercrime and devise plans for investigations. Our company can greatly improve the cybersecurity architecture of your company. We achieve this by implementing the most innovative cybersecurity tools and methods. We work only with the most advanced technologies and with the most professional specialists.

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Cyber Security Services

KISS Software is your best cyber security partner. You can study the assortment of our services to ensure that we do something more than just investigate cyber crimes.

  • Prevent

    The lives of many organizations would be easier if they didn’t suffer cyberattacks. We provide services that help to prevent those issues. Build a reliable cyber security infrastructure with KISS Software.

  • Detect

    When something bad has happened, you cannot waste your time. Rely on our innovative solutions to quickly identify the problem and choose the best methods to fight it.

  • Predict

    The most insignificant interferences can be pieces of evidence for further attacks. Our team, as a digital forensic service provider, knows which tools should be applied to predict the problem and start acting quicker than it brings any damage.

  • Respond To Cyber Attacks

    If your cybersecurity infrastructure is attacked, you need to respond adequately. A digital forensic solution is one of the options to respond to the damage - detect and punish cyber criminals

Data Breach Investigations

With us, you can investigate violations of sensitive or confidential data, commonly known as a data breach. This process consists of 3 stages.

  • Data Breach Assessment

    Our digital forensic analyst studies the cases and assesses which quantities of data have been violated and in what way.

  • Investigation

    During the investigation, specialists of our company collect all the clues, process the available information, and try to come up with the possible outcomes.

  • Documentation and Prevention

    Experts provide reports with the results of the investigation that might be later used as official digital forensics documentation during the legal process. Our specialists will also recommend you special cybersecurity tools that will help prevent such cases in the future.

The Digital Forensics Analysis Process we provide

To make the investigation process effective, we need to interpret data correctly. Use our forensic analysis services to study all the received information and find a way to apply it.

  • Identify

    Experts of KISS Software use the most innovative solutions to identify in what way the intellectual property was stolen from your devices or digital storage.

  • Preserve and Report on Digital Evidence Confirming IP Theft

    After the investigation is over, they will do everything to make your digital systems more secure and resistant to intellectual property thefts.

Intellectual Property Theft

The intellectual property of your organization or yours can be stolen through the digital space. The goal of our digital forensics corp is to help victims of intellectual property thefts.

  • Data Preservation

    The forensics analysis services include the process of data preservation, during which we choose the most reliable ways and formats to keep data for the long term.

  • Data Collection

    Experts of the KISS Software company gather all pieces of information that should be analyzed and might be useful during the process of cybercrime investigation.

  • Digital Forensics Consultation

    Specialists devise the most reliable and cost-efficient plan for future investigation. During the consultation, clients will be explained how the investigation process will go on.

  • Digital Forensics Acquisition

    This procedure involves data collecting practices and actions that should recover lost data, which might be useful during the process.

  • Digital Forensics Analysis

    After experts collect and recover all the necessary pieces of evidence, they can start analyzing them. This process might involve several teams of specialists, depending on the quantity of data corrupted.

  • Expert Testimony and Reporting

    When the investigation is over, specialists have a clear outcome of the process. They provide their testimonies on the problem and report, which might be later used as official investigation documentation during the legal process.

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