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.K.I.S.S. is your reliable partner in developing React Native apps for your business needs. Our React Native app development company offers the services of the most experienced specialists, whose main job is to make a contribution to your business growth. Learn more about our React Native app development services and hire our best professionals to get what you really want!

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K.I.S.S. Software aims to be useful for clients from all over the world, regardless of the size of their organizations or businesses. Specialists of our company are experienced not only in apps developed by React Native. Foremost, K.I.S.S.Software is your technological partner that aims to make your framework more efficient. For this purpose, we also provide CRM, LMS, ERP, and UI UX design development services.

What is React Native

In K.I.S.S. we try to implement the most efficient technologies and approaches. React Native development is one of them. This is a JavaScript framework that is used in developing native mobile apps for Android and iOS. Its first public version was released in 2015 by Meta Platform Inc, (aka Facebook). The React Native framework became popular as a budget-friendly solution for building mobile applications. It’s believed that entrepreneurs can save up to 30% when using React Native development services. Is that what you need? Address our specialists to have a consultation on your project right now!

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React Native App Development Solutions for Business

To make your startup successful, you should make sure it will meet the expectations of your target audience. It should be not only useful but convenient as well. For this purpose, K.I.S.S. uses the React Native application development technology to develop different types of solutions.

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    Native App Development

    Native apps are solutions that are specifically developed for certain operating systems. For example, a native iOS app cannot be installed on a device supported by Android. Native applications are convenient because it’s easy to download them. There are specific solutions where we can find native applications only for Android or iOS devices. These are Google Play Store and App Store respectively.

    Native applications are also popular because they tend to provide a better user experience. This is because all their features are designed to work on a specific operating system. Plus, such applications can access and use other native solutions on your gadget, including GPS, camera, contacts, push notification systems, etc.

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    Hybrid App Development

    Hybrid apps developed in React Native can be both installed on your gadget and operated through a webpage. Hybrid solutions are designed in a way that allows them to represent the content of a webpage in a form of an application. They are also user-friendly because you can choose whether you need to download this app on your mobile desktop or use them without installations since hybrid solutions are available through web browsers. Some web browsers might not support specific hybrid applications, so check this out before getting down to them.

    The good thing is that Hybrid applications can work on different operating systems because they might be launched through a browser. However, this might also make them slower, since the speed of the application depends on the speed of the browser. If your business aims to cut down expenditures, you should consider hybrid apps developed with React Native, since their maintenance is cheaper.

Full-Cycle React Native Mobile Application Development Services We Provide

We develop mobile apps with React Native from scratch and support your project at every stage. The whole range of our React Native mobile application development services includes the following:

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    React Native Consulting

    In K.I.S.S.Software, we cannot get down to building the application with React Native without knowing the idea and requirements of its founders. We want our clients to share all the details and their strategy on how the application should be further used. This stage is necessary for us to understand the pitfalls that might occur during mobile app development with React Native and specify the deadlines.

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    Full-Cycle React Native Development & Design Services

    Our team consists of experienced and customer-oriented professionals who design top-notch products from scratch. They will provide something more than a fully-functional app developed with React Native. They will do their best to design the most user-friendly interface and provide the best user experience.

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    Cross-Platform Development Services

    Mobile development using React Native helps to design cross-functional solutions. This means that your clients will be able to launch them on different devices and platforms and enjoy the best user experience.

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    Porting of Web Products

    If you already have a web product that runs on a certain operating system, in K.I.S.S., with the help of the React Native framework, we can port it to another ecosystem. This will help to increase the target audience of your platform and make it more available to a wide community.

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    React Native Code Audit Services

    It’s never too late to implement some improvements. If you have an existing React Native codebase, our specialists can conduct a special code audit for you. This will help to detect security issues and resolve them, making your product safer and more user-friendly.

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    Custom mobile solutions

    If you want to appeal to audiences, you must be unique. Template-based applications won’t help to achieve this because users are fed up with such products. Let’s build a fully custom mobile application with React Native that will be really appreciated by users!

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    React Native Migration

    The trends are changing very quickly. If you have a product that has been developed quite a while ago, it might be outdated. Why not migrate it to the React Native framework? Except for being popular, this solution is proven by time – you won’t find a better chance to migrate your product there. Let’s make your Android or iOS mobile application trendy again!

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    MVP for Mobile Startups

    The React Native framework is the best option if you want to develop MVP. This stage is where unknowns are tested. It’s much more beneficial for your business to catch up with the expectations of a target audience right now and provide it with both Android and iOS-supported mobile applications.

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    React Native Maintenance Services & Further Development

    The launch of your product to the market is the final stage but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t pay attention to it after the release. Every mobile application requires constant support and maintenance. This is what K.I.S.S. specialists are ready to provide. They will keep your product updated and fix all the bugs to ensure the best user experience.

When to Choose React Native Mobile Development

  • Build both iOS and Android applications for your business to reach your audience

  • Quickly launch a mobile app of outstanding quality

  • Create mobile apps for both iOS and Android at the price of one application

  • Support your iOS and Android applications without extra fuss

  • Transform an existing web application into a mobile app

Why Use React Native for Cross-Platform Apps Development

Mobile development using React Native isn’t just a fashionable trend. This technology has proven its reliability. Almost a decade has passed since the React Native framework release but the technology remains the same as popular as it was 3, 5, and 7 years ago. This is all because of the considerable benefits of this framework:

  • Crash-free applications

  • Cross-platform experience

  • High app performance applications

  • Native-like app design

  • Easy-to-update functionality

  • Faster development

  • Budget-friendly solution

  • Up-to-date technologies

  • Easy maintenance

React Native Integration Solutions

In K.I.S.S., software we understand that your business might need different additional features to be added to your mobile application. Our specialists know how to seamlessly integrate different solutions in your mobile app developed with React Native.

  • Payment Gateway

  • BLE Integration

  • MDM Integration

  • Wearable Integration

  • Chat Server Integration

  • Beacon Integration

  • mBAAS Integration

  • GPS, Navigation Integration

Benefits of React Native software development with .K.I.S.S.

  • Developers, programmers, and engineers of K.I.S.S.Software are experienced professionals who have been involved in multiple projects of apps developed with React Native and can offer their expertise to build the best application for your business needs.

  • We provide additional development services for businesses from different industries and with different target audiences. Everything is done to ensure that the end users of your product will enjoy the user interface and have the best user experience.

  • K.I.S.S.Software is a fully transparent React Native mobile app development company. Data about your React Native project will be accessible to you anytime. We don’t hide any detail and always inform our clients about the progress in the development processes of their projects.

  • Our React Native development costs are relatively low, compared to the competitors. This is all because we provide full-cycle development services and support your product throughout the entire development process.

  • Our team isn’t only professional but it’s also flexible and adaptable. We are always ready to take your suggestions, recommendations, and requirements into account. We work to meet your expectations and deliver the finished product within the pre-determined deadlines. This helps us to cooperate efficiently even with the most sophisticated and demanding clients.

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