Penetration protection for devices

More technologies and innovations are being introduced to various devices these days. The growing number of different approaches and solutions is one of the reasons why businesses don’t often understand which security tools will be efficient against potential attacks of hackers. Cybersecurity should be one of the priorities of your organization, alongside the services it provides, since if your business data is accessed by unauthorized users, your enterprise can suffer huge financial and reputational losses. Very often, organizations pay less attention to device security pentesting services, as they are convinced that security measures in gadgets are set by default. But this is wrong.

K.I.S.S.Software has been working in the cybersecurity sector since 2006. Over the course of this time, we had multiple occasions to see how vulnerable devices can be. That’s why we believe that every serious business should take advantage of cutting-edge penetration testing devices services. The K.I.S.S.Software team does provide them! Let’s get deeper into this topic and see what cybersecurity solutions we offer.

Associated services

As mentioned before, K.I.S.S.Software deals not only with security issues of devices. We can conduct penetration testing services for both hardware and software solutions. Alongside this, we develop many products completely from scratch. To make your business more efficient, you can hire our specialists to develop a brand-new mobile application with all the security solutions implemented. We also deal with DeFi solutions, web development, and more!

IoT Device Penetration Testing

IoT security testing is one of the most frequently requested penetration testing services for devices. Similar to other cases, when specialists analyze the IoT system, their key assignment is to identify weak spots and suggest methods that could mitigate the impact of their weaknesses.

IoT pentesting service focuses on vulnerabilities of specific IoT software solutions. They often become targets of cybercriminals. If you want to prevent threats from hackers, contact us and we will provide you will all the necessary solutions to secure your IoT network 100%. There are different reasons why hackers might be targeting your IoT software. First of all, they might need to use your hardware power. Although IoT devices don’t require high-power systems, they are connected to online networks, which might be enough for hackers to use them for the purposes of cryptocurrency mining, for example. If you don’t want the power system of your IoT software to suffer such threats, it’s essential to apply efficient IoT penetration testing techniques.

The more prosaic reason for hackers to violate your IoT system is access to personal information. Some devices of the Internet-of-Things system can contain really important information that can be used for blackmail of your clients or even your company. K.I.S.S.Software specialists suggest that you should take steps in advance.

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Medical Device Penetration Protection Services

These days, medical device penetration testing is becoming one of the most popular services in the cybersecurity market. The thing is that proper maintenance of patients’ data can be crucial for their health and efficient process of treatment. Our cutting-edge technology-based practices help healthcare organizations and institutions establish secure networks. Our medical device pentesting services can help figure out whether those medical devices correspond to the security standards set by FDA and other international regulatory organizations. When providing penetration testing services for medical devices, K.I.S.S.Software specialists examine firmware, hardware, wireless configuration, default failure, the network, thick client applications, mobile applications, sensor data, privacy/tracking, and potential health and safety issues.

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What is Device Protection?

Let’s start from the basics. Protection of devices refers to the implementation of special cybersecurity solutions. In K.I.S.S.Software, we build unique software tools to ensure your internet-connected devices can monitor, prevent, and notify users about potential threats. The more data your device contains, the more functions it executes, and the more protection it will need to resist threats in cyberspace. In K.I.S.S.Software, we hire experienced specialists that are keen on providing penetration testing device services.

They will help your organization to manage the security of all internet-connected devices through systems that ensure the implementation of the latest technologies that can adequately correspond to the current challenges of cybersecurity. The important feature of device protection software solutions is that it works 24/7 providing all the necessary information and updates on potential threats in real time.

One more thing you should consider is that the major goal of penetrating testing for network devices is not to solve issues but to prevent them. Obviously, your organization will suffer fewer losses and will secure data better if the key vulnerabilities will be detected before any threats even occur to the cybersecurity architecture of your connected devices. Except for penetration testing network devices services, we provide your business with a cutting-edge software solution that has the following features:

  • Advanced Anti-virus - protects your computers against cyber infections.

  • Intruder Protection - prevents access of unauthorized users.

  • Data Loss Protection - locks down financial and personal information.

  • Application Control - blocks snooping software and unwanted activities.

  • Browser Controls - provides information about what gets into your device.

Why do my devices need protection?

Device penetration testing is very important for businesses that want to stay afloat in such competitive conditions as we witness today. Here are three major benefits of K.I.S.S. cybersecurity services:

  • Detect the weakest spots in the cybersecurity architecture of your devices. Foremost, device penetration testing is about uncovering weaknesses. If you do this in advance, you won’t need to deal with problems caused by hacks.

  • Secure device endpoints. Pentesting devices can help protect data by blocking access to the device’s endpoints. Hackers won’t be able to get into your computer and violate any information.

  • Keep the sensitive data of customers safe. If your devices contain information about your clients, it’s vital to ensure that these data will be completely protected. Except for operational needs, insurance of customer data security will boost the reputation of your organization.

Why Choose .K.I.S.S. to Secure Your Connected Devices

Cooperation with the K.I.S.S. cybersecurity software provider is always a benefit for your organization. Here are the reasons why you should get in touch with us right now:

  • We help to make your cybersecurity programs and solutions become more sophisticated and efficient.

  • We can help to make your staff more advanced in the matter of cybersecurity.

  • We deal with cybersecurity projects of all sizes – from the pentesting of devices of small businesses to IoT security assessments of the biggest corporations.

  • We use the most advanced technologies currently available in this niche.

  • We provide detailed reports on the results of our assessments.

  • We offer the most affordable pentesting services prices for small and medium-sized businesses.

  • We provide more than just cybersecurity penetration testing services for IoT devices!

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