IoT Development Services

IoT and web development services are necessary to every company that aims to remain competitive in current conditions. If your business wants to keep up with the technological trends and provide the highest-quality customer experience, consider ordering custom IoT solutions from K.I.S.S.Software. Our team will provide the whole range of services – from consulting to architecture design – to make sure your business will work productively and gain revenue with our industrial IoT solutions!

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IoT development services aren’t the only ones you can order for your business from the K.I.S.S. company. We also provide a wide variety of blockchain development services, testing and fixing your cybersecurity system, improving user interface and experience, and other important digital transformations.

Our Full-Stack Internet of Things (IoT) Development Services

K.I.S.S.Software is a custom IoT design and development company that serves businesses from different sectors, including FinTech, real estate, education, and so on. Our specialists do something more than just develop end-products with a user-friendly interface. They consider all your requirements and take part in the entire development process.

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    IoT Business Analysis and Consulting

    K.I.S.S.Software is not just an IoT application software development – foremost, it’s your reliable partner that wants your business to stay competitive in its specific sector. That’s why we are eager to analyze your industry and consult you on the necessary digital transformations that will make your company thrive. Our consulting approach includes the process of a plan and strategy creation. We also guide your business through the entire development process and review the results of our work at the end.

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    IoT Data Collection and Management

    In order to benefit from the implementation of IoT solutions, you need to be able to track data streams. Our team will collect all the necessary information for you and manage it in a way to improve the performance of your IoT devices. We will detect the latest trends and design maintenance programs based on accurate sensor data.

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    IoT Mobile Application Development

    The IoT technology and a mobile application from a perfect combination that improves the productivity of your business and the customer experience of your users. IoT mobile application development services help to enable productive interaction between devices and people.

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    Back-end Infrastructure & Integration

    In K.I.S.S.Software we can design and develop a fast and secure system that will run and support the network of your IoT app solutions. We will seamlessly integrate the back-end infrastructure to make sure all data are stored and transmitted efficiently.

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    Wearable App Development

    Wearable applications might be a fresh breath of air for your business! Luckily for you, the K.I.S.S.Software team is experienced in creating various smart apps, including fitness trackers and wearable body sensors, which collect all the necessary data about end users and transmit it in real-time.

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    Voice-Enabled Technology Solutions

    A positive user experience is the major goal of our IoT Android app development services. Enabling your digital solutions with the possibility to understand the voice of the end users is one of the most efficient ways to make sure that your client will enjoy using your IoT solution.

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    IoT Gateway Development

    Do you need a centralized hub connecting your IoT devices and servers? If yes, you should contact the K.I.S.S specialists and request the IoT gateway development services! This simple solution will enable bidirectional data flow between the cloud and IoT devices.

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    IoT Implementation & Support

    After the development process is over, our work isn’t. We keep working with your company if you need to ensure the complete implementation of our IoT solutions and their further efficient maintenance. This is what makes our IoT development company one of the leading providers of development services in the industry!

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    Custom IoT Development of Cloud Solutions

    Our specialists have great experience in designing and developing custom IoT solutions with different architectures. We also specialize in cloud solutions. Implementation of cloud solutions enables quick application deployment, provides you with the possibility to get rid of unnecessary hardware, saves your budget, and provides several more important advantages.

IoT APPs Solutions For Industries

In our IoT application development company, we believe that every user should have the possibility to enjoy the best user experience. That’s why we try to find an individual approach to every client, which makes us sure that we will be able to satisfy their clients’ needs.
We provide our cutting-edge IoT development services to businesses from different industries, no matter what size and specialization your company is. We have many years of experience in serving organizations from the following sectors.

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    Specialists of our IoT application development company create solutions that improve the experience of clients of healthcare institutions and make all the related processes easier for providers. We develop IoT products for hospitals, allowing them to monitor data about patients and treat them more efficiently.

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    The highest-quality delivery services must have different characteristics to satisfy the end users. Foremost, customers want to have the possibility to track their orders. This would be impossible without IoT solutions. But tracking isn’t their only function. Contact our managers to learn how your delivery business can benefit from our IoT app development services.

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    The increasing popularity of online learning makes the implementation of IoT solutions necessary for educational institutions. These technologies help to evolve teaching methodologies, record attendance automatically, improve the safety of campuses, and do many more useful things.

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    With us, you can use IoT-connected devices to gather the data necessary for your insurance business. This helps to mitigate some considerable risks and increase the profitability of your company. Contact our managers for more.

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    The most basic use of IoT in the automotive sector is the implementation of connected devices that help to track the location of vehicles.

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    Our company also provides blockchain IoT development services, which ensure safe communication between sensors, distributed ledgers, and databases. This optimizes the work of your financial infrastructure and reduces potential losses.

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    Your users will have the best experiences if they will have the possibility to enjoy using wearable devices that transmit data quickly and safely. Our IoT development services guarantee that this exchange will be seamless even if the entire system of IoT will include multiple devices.

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    To make sure that our IoT application software will serve your manufacturing business productively, we consider the environment of the manufacturing process in your business. This helps us to minimize the IoT development cost and provide you with the best experience. IoT is very useful in the manufacturing process because it enables the quick transfer of data, efficient maintenance, tracking of the employees’ performance, and other great things.

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    The implementation of IoT into your retail business is the best way to create a smart store! With the help of our cutting-edge devices and sensors, you will be able to collect great volumes of data that will help you to understand the needs and habits of your customers. Alongside improving customer experience, IoT solutions also improve the efficiency of supply chain and inventory management.

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    With the help of our cutting-edge IoT solutions, you can monitor the fields, soil, livestock, air, and crops in real time. In modern conditions, such technologies are necessary to run a successful farming business that aims to reduce expenditures and increase yields.

Why Your Business Needs IoT Application Development Solutions? Build your IoT solutions with .K.I.S.S.

We can specify several reasons why your business needs custom IoT development solutions:

  • Increase the value of your business by specifying certain functions. Implementation of custom IoT solutions is the way to increase awareness about your business functions and their performance.

  • Analyze data more efficiently. Connected devices store and provide great volumes of valuable data that might be used to improve or implement more efficient operating models.

  • Track data in real-time. Application software for IoT enables business owners with the possibility to see where their devices are the most efficient. This technology also gives the possibility to improve the maintenance of devices by monitoring the conditions of assets in real-time.

  • Monitor the performance of employees. You can connect workers of your business to wearable IoT solutions and monitor not only their locations but also their health and compliance to safety measures. This gives you a better understanding of how a working atmosphere should be improved.

Benefits of Custom IoT Development Services with .K.I.S.S.

  • K.I.S.S. specialists guarantee that the data of customers will be protected.

  • The implementation of our top-notch solutions will improve the scalability of your business.

  • Our IoT solutions can be integrated into existing systems.

  • We provide full-stack IoT development services.

  • We offer the most affordable IoT development cost in the industry.

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