What Makes a Game Pre-Production Analysis with .K.I.S.S. Software a Necessary Stage

Launching a game to the market, you have to go through different stages, and the development stage isn’t always the most important one. This is because even if you manage to create the most sophisticated game, it won’t generate the desired revenue if it doesn’t reach the target audience. To ensure that the game project will bring a return on investments, it’s necessary to conduct a thorough pre-production analysis.


A game pre-production analysis is the process of assessing all the key elements that can affect the potential success of the product. .K.I.S.S. Software outsourcing company has been working in the game industry for many years, so our specialists know how to achieve the most desired goals of the game pre-production analysis.

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.K.I.S.S. Software isn’t just a team of game pre- and post-production analysis experts. We are an outsourcing company that takes pride in its comprehensive approach to game development. Except for providing advanced analytics, we hire specialists who create unique game concepts, guarantee efficient community management, deal with game mechanics development, and more. Contact us now to enter the game industry with your unique and unparalleled product!

Goals and Objectives of the Game Pre-Production Analysis

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    Identifying key needs of future players

    In the pre-production analysis phase of game development, our main goals and objectives revolve around meticulous planning and thorough examination of the game's potential. We strive to understand the key needs and preferences of future players to create an engaging and immersive gaming experience.

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    Assessment of major game elements (game mechanics, gameplay, visual features, plot, style, etc)

    Our aim is to ensure that each element aligns with the game's overall vision and supports the desired player experience. By analyzing the game mechanics, we ensure that the gameplay is engaging, challenging, and rewarding. We explore different possibilities to create an interactive and dynamic game environment that keeps players immersed throughout their journey.

To achieve these objectives with maximum efficiency, .K.I.S.S. Software specialists proceed with the following game pre-production analysis stages:

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    Market and Target Audience Research

    Foremost, we need to analyze the market and study the key peculiarities of products provided by your major competitors. This method will help experts to identify current trends and success strategies in your specific segment of the game industry.

    Also, efficient market research should include a thorough examination of the potential target audience. Understanding the audience’s preferences and behavior will help the game development team to meet its most sophisticated expectations. Consequently, a game will have more chances to become popular and generate the desired return on investment.

    The process of market and target audience research at the game pre-production analysis stage requires expertise and understanding of the product from the specialists. .K.I.S.S. Software analysts utilize the most cutting-edge tools to measure key metrics of the target audience engagement and assess the performance of major competitors. This comprehensive approach helps to understand key users’ intentions and effectively implement them into the game concept.

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    Game Conceptualization and Design

    Major Idea and Style: The game conceptualization and design process begins with determining the major idea and style of the game. We brainstorm innovative concepts and explore various themes to identify the core idea that will shape the game's identity and appeal. 

    Game Design: At the heart of the process lies game design, where we craft the blueprint of the gaming experience. We create prototypes and mockups to visualize the game's flow, interactions, and mechanics. We focus on developing intuitive and immersive mechanics that captivate players and keep them hooked for hours. We design tasks that align with the game's narrative and provide a sense of accomplishment as players progress through the levels. 

    User Interface Design: A seamless and intuitive user interface is vital to enhance the player experience. .K.I.S.S. Software invest effort in user interface design that is visually appealing, easy to navigate, and responsive across different platforms.

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    Game Production Budget and Schedule Assessment

    During the game pre-production analysis, one of the crucial aspects is the assessment of the game production budget and schedule. This meticulous process involves evaluating the financial resources required for various development stages, including concept design, art production, programming, sound, and quality assurance. By carefully estimating the budget, we ensure the optimal allocation of resources to maintain high-quality standards while adhering to project timelines.

    Moreover, the schedule assessment involves creating a comprehensive timeline for each development phase, considering potential risks and contingencies. This step ensures smooth project management and timely delivery of milestones. By meticulously analyzing the game production budget and schedule, we set the foundation for a successful and efficient game development process.

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    Selection of Resources and Development Team

    Considering all the above-mentioned peculiarities, our analysts will determine the best software solutions to bring your game ideas to life. Obviously, even the most sophisticated solutions won’t provide the desired results without experienced specialists. Our game pre-production analysis services include the recruitment of experienced project managers, game developers, artists, designers, and other specialists whose skills are necessary to create the product of the highest quality.

In terms of visual features, we consider the art style, graphics, and animations to ensure they complement the game's theme and narrative. Our team of talented artists and designers collaborates to bring the game world to life and captivate players with stunning visuals.

Plot development is equally important, as it forms the foundation of the game's storyline and progression. We aim to craft compelling narratives that resonate with players, offering meaningful choices and emotional connections that enhance the gaming experience.


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Pre Production Analysis is a crucial step that involves thorough planning and assessment before the actual development begins. It helps identify potential challenges, set realistic goals, and ensures a smoother development process.

By analyzing and defining project requirements upfront, Pre Production Analysis helps prevent costly changes and additions later in the development process. This proactive approach contributes to better cost management.

Deliverables from Pre Production Analysis include project timelines, resource requirements, and a detailed project plan. These guide the development team, ensuring alignment with client expectations and project goals.

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