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Back-end and front-end development

When inviting developers for your products both hired and outsourced, the client needs to understand the terminology, understand what tasks "front-end", "back-end", "full stack" developers solve, and what are the differences. Our article with help you with that!

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Who are front end-developers?


If you see a website with live and attractive interface, or you want to have such website for yourself, you direct need is front end developer even you don’t understand it yet.

Almost all visual side, effects and their reflection is the responsibility of the front end developer.

GUI, or “Graphical User Interface is the visual package that allows the website visitors interacting with the programming part of the website and its features.

Everything related to the smart interface that ensures apps launches and access to the website is provided by the front-end-development.



Space where users interact with the website/application technology is created by UI-designer, or User interface designer.



UX-designers interact with the constructor User Experience that describes the way of user and his efficiency.

Front-end developer is also responsible for the common convenience and product usability, user experience and product usage utility, therefore front-end developer should have flexible and wide skills in programming.

It is necessary to combine design and programming skills, that’s why the solution can be provided both by the front-end developer with the expertise in design and well organized team where each expert is responsible for certain issues, and colleagues understand each other perfectly. Reaching such interaction between staff employees is difficult, here’s where IT companies outsource comes to help the project, better than independent freelancers.


Responsive design

If you believe UI- and UX-design that’s all, it is not so.

Responsive design is a very responsible and complicated part of work related to the adaptation of the interface design to different screens - from large screens to different laptops and mobile devices.

As we have already said, traditionally, experienced front-end developer can work both with design and coding (create website structure in HTML and work with it through the CSS-code)

One of the main problems for front-end developers is the static of the website create don HTML and CSS. If the client is thinking about stickman on the empty page in form of website, HTML is quite enough to create the website form. CSS can be applied for stylization and external packaging of the website. However, in order to make stickman move, be alive and respond to the users actions, front-end developer will need to complete some other work.

Complication and improvement occurs constantly at the high speed, that’s why application of the full programming language is so demanded.

Within the complication and improvement of the web applications that demand for the full programming language Turing starts to grow drastically. Therefore, for the animation of stickman Java Script is used - programming language of the browser.


What’s the work of front back-developers?


Talking about the past, back-end development consisted of the physical PC and software that implements all possible requests through it.

Nowadays, tasks of back-end developers are more difficult due to the cloud services aimed to launch requests through them. Today, this process has become much more complicated as the cloud servers, databases and microservice application are getting more popularity. The sense of back-end development is to ensure the connection between the server, application and database for the solution of the user request.

All back-end development is based on logics, network of processes and requests that occur in seconds.


Simple and very clear example

When choosing a product at the website, you are in the front-end developer responsibility zone, however as soon as you click the search or order button, you come to the back-end developer working area that must ensure the processing and solution of your requests in seconds.

When you see the search results, you come back to the front-end zone where you’re using visual interface. You should thank back-end-developer for the quick processing, and front-end developer for the good visual component.


What are the responsibilities of the back-end developer?


There are many responsibilities, starting from the creation of the databases and secure integration, work on the reserve copying technologies, recovery and creation of the app brain.

In order to code the main calculating logics of the system, concrete software or website, different technologies are applied, including Java, C#, Python, languages without data like SQL and many others.


Differences between back-end and front-end development.


Back-end development has nothing to do with any visual design. It is based on logics and architecture of the programming software that solves the requests of the users.

The interaction between back-end and front-end developers is usually problematic, particularly if they are staff employees, or hired as freelancers and connected by the client.

All the above-mentioned leads us either to team that provide the complex web-development tasks solutions or full stack-developers.


What are the responsibilities of the full stack-developers?


Full-stack developers cope with the tasks of back-end and front-end development at the same time. The responsibility of full-stack developer also includes the visual component, databases and PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScrip etc.

Consequently, full-stack developer needs to possess knowledge for all development directions.
Full-stack developers/agencies are highly demanded by the businesses that are only starting to work in their IT-infrastructure as it’s easier to attract a specialist who has expertise in several directions at the same time than hiring someone for different development tasks and establishing their interaction.

Another advantage of the full-stack developers/agencies is that when developing business, you won’t need to search new specialists, instead you can just involve more skills of the full-stack developer/agency verified and proved by your previous cooperation.


What direction will the KISS team help you with?


We have been creating innovative IT solutions since 2006, combining the leading technologies with convenience and easy usage.

We provide the full range of services not only in web, mobile and blockchain development but also satisfy all the needs of the big corporations, banking sector and cryptoprojects in cybersecurity, advertising promotion, launch of the products in the new countries markets, marketing accompaniment, design, e-Commerce solutions development, consulting, education of the staff employees and further technical maintenance.


Who are our clients?


Among the large world and Ukrainian companies, we can share our cooperation with
Mercedes Benz, Ernst & Young, Liberty Bank, Aeron, Chronobase, Medbook.

However, the major part of our cases can’t be shared due to the NDA we sign with our clients, and if you want to keep our cooperation confidential, we will sign all the necessary documents for that!


How do we work?


  1. We provide the full range of services, and support the product at all LTV stages, it means you won’t need to spend resources and time to find correspondent contractors for the solution of any tasks.

  1. In the development, we apply the leading solutions and world class technologies: JavaScript/TypeScript (Next.js, React.js, Vue.js), Node.js(Express.js, Nuxt.js), Python (Django/Flask), AWS, Terraform, SQL(PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, MariaDB) & NoSQL(Mongo, Elastic, Redis) DBMS's.

  1. We perfectly know all the pitfalls, therefore we are able to avoid mistakes and ensure the highest efficiency of every invested dollar. 

  1. Timely completion of each work stage is fixed in the agreement and confirmed by guarantees. If you face any extra needs, we will involve the experts for the solution of your tasks within 24 hours!


If you’re looking for web, mobile and blockchain-development, or any other services we offer - book a free consultation with our experts, and we will help you to define all the necessary components, will fix the budget and deadlines.

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