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What does Wordpress development include and how is Wordpress development useful for business

CMS WordPress - the world's most popular content management system, which allows small and medium-sized businesses to get sites to solve their problems with a relatively small cost for wordpress development services.

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CMS WordPress - the world's most popular content management system, which allows small and medium-sized businesses to get sites to solve their problems with a relatively small cost for wordpress development services. 

Create a website on wordpress can be two ways - to use a ready-made theme, which come in paid and free, and get your own website on wordpress from scratch, tailored to the needs of your business.


Let's deal with the components of wordpress:



Of course, the very first thing you need wordpress for is to create your own website.

CMS wordpress allows you to create small blogs and landing pages with one or more pages, multi-page corporate sites, and online stores.

Dynamic catalog, order form, online ordering, product reservation and payment, online consulting, a news feed, forum - all this is supported on wordpress.



The design of the site on wordpress is achieved by using themes and plugins. You can either use ready-made ones or create your own directly for your wordpress site from scratch.

Quality web design is supported by wordpress and plays a huge role in the success of your site and directly in getting orders. 


Custom Themes

They are also called templates on WordPress. Standard WordPress themes for a website are freely available, but their look and feel will not suit every business that wants a really strong WordPress site.

In order not to adapt to the standard templates, to separate from competitors, to use a different design for different pages, and build the structure of the site as you need - there is WP theme development.

To create it, you need knowledge of HTML, PHP, and the ability to work in the admin WordPress.



A wordpress plugin is a software add-on (a piece of code) that gives a site more functionality.

They are used to give an ordinary website the shape and functionality it needs. For example, there are plugins for online stores, portfolio sites, mobile applications, improving performance, improving security, etc.

Plugins are also called modules. They exist pre-designed but also have the ability to create your own module.

Development of its own module (plugin) wordpress is usually happening in PHP, but sometimes can be used and the programming language JavaScript.

Services for the development of plugins wordpress can be obtained both separately if you create the site yourself, but do not understand the code, and get as part of building a site on WordPress from scratch.


Mobile application

It sounds amazing, but WordPress allows you to develop not only a website but is also suitable for mobile app development, which works with iOS and Android.

There are two types of mobile apps on WordPress - classic apps that are installed on the device and progressive apps for user interaction on the site without installing the classic app on the phone.

Wordpress mobile app development can be done both through ready-made plugins and individually - to the needs and objectives of your business. 


What kinds of businesses are suitable for WordPress design and development services? 


As we've said before, a website on WordPress is the perfect choice for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as experts who work for themselves.

Wordpress cms development services allow in a short time and at a low cost to launch your website or online store and start growing your business without losing months of time to develop a large self-written website, which may be redundant in the needs of business at this stage.

Thanks to the capabilities of WordPress, eCommerce development services are in wide demand. 

WordPress allows you to create good and modern stores by using the Woocommerce theme. 

Also available on Wordpress saas development, that is, software for a variety of business tasks. 

WordPress multisite development services allow owners of multiple sites with common themes, plugins, users, and their personal settings to conveniently manage them from one panel.

This solution allows you to significantly reduce the time required to manage each site because you no longer need to separately enter the admin panel of each site and do the same steps.


Best wordpress development - how to get it? 


Independent development of a website on wordpress for your business is not recommended because of the need for specific knowledge, the acquisition of which will take much more time and lost profits than the cost of wordpress outsourcing. 

Website development services on wordpress are widely available on the Internet, but this does not cancel the risks of choosing a non-professional developer, the loss of time, money, and nerves.

Wordpress development companies should also be chosen very carefully because it is much easier to set up a wordpress development company than a complex self-written website or IT solution company. The risks here are all the same, a start-up company packs up, hires entry-level developers, and does sites for a small budget for its clients.

You can look for expert wordpress developers on Upwork, but ordering even from a developer with a good rating, be prepared that it may be a novice web development agency wordpress with all the same risks and lack of expertise in important issues, such as wordpress plugin development security.

Wordpress development and maintenance will be done qualitatively and ensure the growth of your business if you find a proven web development company wordpress.

Pay attention to the cases, the convenience of the website of wordpress development services company, the brief received, how many years the company has been on the market and what related services it provides.

All this will increase the chances of getting a high-quality corporate wordpress solution that does not need to be redone, and immediately can be run to make sales.

By the way, our company .K.I.S.S. provides full-service and tech support for full-service Wordpress development. Also, we have been providing comprehensive services for IT solutions, cybersecurity, design, marketing, and product launches to new markets since 2006.

The confidentiality and timeliness of each stage of work is supported by our financial responsibility. 

If your business needs Wordpress development or you have any questions, book a free consultation where we will analyze your business needs and suggest the most suitable solutions.

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