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Native mobile applications - what is app mobile native and how it can be useful for business

The main advantage of the native applications - ensuring the stable work of the developed graphic games 9that consume a lot of resources), complicated mathematical calculations and high-quality display of numerous animations.

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Modern realities rule business tendencies - you follow modern technologies, or your potential clients will purchase products from competitors.

It can be applied to all IT solutions, particularly to the mobile applications as almost any person has the smartphone with the access to the internet and possibility to install applications, order goods and services through them.

Mobile applications have different types of development, therefore let’s talk about native mobile applications.

Native mobile applications are developed and adapted for one concrete platform: iOS, Android, etc.

It means if the business decides to choose native development it’s necessary to develop a separate application for iOS and a separate application for Android.

The main advantage of the native applications - ensuring the stable work of the developed graphic games 9that consume a lot of resources), complicated mathematical calculations and high-quality display of numerous animations.

Besides, mobile applications use the functionality of the operational system of the gadget, camera, voice recorder, geolocation service, access to the files, calendar, ordinary and push-notifications.

Native apps for iOS / android native apps are necessary for large corporations, retail, production companies, banking sector, gaming sector, agriculture, crypto projects.

As you have already understood, the decision to create react native app for android and ios is taken due to the necessity to process a large volume of information, complicated gaming and computing processes in a quick way.

However,  not all businesses need developing native apps.


What is react native mobile app development android and iOS


If the size of the business, volume and difficulty of the processed tasks is not too big, you can use cross platform solution that can accomplish the tasks of the business fast, and with nice interface

The implementation of the cross platform mobile apps is provided by the frameworks like top React Native (JavaScript) and Flutter of the react native app for iOS and Android.

The sense of the cross platforms is that frameworks don’t require to create separate applications for iOS and Android. Consequently, developing android app using react native for iOS and Android is faster and cheaper.

In cross platforms solutions, code is written one time, and the framework ensures the adaptiveness of the applications and all its functions.

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t think that for the implementation of difficult and large-volume IT solution cross platform will be enough as the convenience of development should be paid with power and speed.

Difficult and large-scale solutions won’t be able to work with the cross platform framework, however applications with easier tasks, less complicated calculations and a lot of data work on the cross platform frameworks.

When choosing technologies for the mobile app development, the original data of the company and the level of tasks and solutions difficulty play the defining role.


How to define the technology of mobile app development and create native or cross platform mobile app on React Native, or Flutter.


In order to define the necessary technology for the mobile app development, the business and set tasks must be analyzed by the experts competent in all directions of the mobile development.

Both for analysis and implementation of the mobile application, choosing freelancers or staff employees is related to certain risks and difficulties.

That risks are related to the difficulty of finding mobile developers who will determine the most convenient solution and create mobile application without mistakes.

Another problem is to ensure the communication. In case of developers of the cross platform apps, the communication should be established both with the directives of the company and all involved specialists.

This task is even more complicated if the business needs to develop a native mobile app as different specialists will develop it for iOS and Android, and it may cause problems related to different approaches, experience and methods of mobile app development for business.

These difficulties cause financial losses because money is spent on communication, development, checks and time. And the business without mobile app means loss of profits.

Android native app development company will help to avoid that problems, as well as will help to create cross platform mobile applications on React Native and Flutter.

Fortunately, you are now on the website of such company.

.K.I.S.S. has been working with all kinds of mobile development since 2006, and provides complex of native apps development services for iOS and Android, development of cross platform apps on React Native and Flutter, and many other IT development, design, marketing, advertising services as well as launch of products in the new markets.

Our mission is to make even complicated innovative solutions simple and easy to use.

Besides, we don’t only accomplish the set tasks but also analyze the business of the client to offer innovative solutions and reach top positions in the market.

In the development, we apply the most up-to-date programming languages: Kotlin / Java for Android and Swift / Objective-C for iOS, Flutter / React Native for cross platform applications.

The timely accomplishment of each development stage and privacy are guaranteed by the agreement regarding financial liabilities.

In order to explain what type of mobile app your business needs, and get the answers to all the questions, book a free consultation with our experts on this page!

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